Being Poised

Poise is the fruit of elegance, it's the ability to stay confident, graceful and composed at all times and in all situations.
It's really not about having a good hair-do or perfecting the lines of your make-up, it's about the way and manner you carry yourself, how you take care of your body, wardrobe and immediate surroundings.
Below are few tips on how to maintain the perfect poise always. Don't forget to share and comment your opinion *hugs*

▶ Study how to maintain an attitude of grace and composure always;
⚫Imbibe the art of reading;read innovative books, novels, style magazines, even religious books.
⚫Walk with your head raised up and step as if you are floating in the air.
⚫Imbibe some few etiquettes;  like greetings, politeness, respect, confidence...
⚫Let the movement of your body be stylish; the way you walk, talk, eat, laugh, etc.
⚫Carry yourself in a calm and gentle manner, yet strong and purposeful.
⚫Learn to be peaceful, to study people, to listen before you talk; If you have the tendencies to be stressed and hurry all the time, learn to be calm.

Jennifer Lopez 
▶ Always keep your mood light and happy;
Being in a good mood is very important to maintain a poised appearance. Yes! I know some situations might cause your mood to flutter, if you are faced with such situations. Try this techniques;
* listen to a good music
* Sing and even dance to the music
* then Smile your way out of the situation.

From @preetyflysociety
▶ Invest in your body;
⚫Take good care of your hair; Shampoo it regularly, keep it healthy and neat always.
⚫Change your inner-wear every 3months; For guys, your boxers  and For ladies, your pants and bras.
⚫Your feet also should be regularly medicured. You can get an home-kit if you can't afford to go to the Spa.
⚫Get good skin products including facial cleansers and moisturisers.
⚫Take supplements regularly; vitamin C and E.

⚫Keep your hands supple, soft and neat always; get an hand lotion that you can take everywhere.
⚫Smell nice and radiant always; a good body cologne and regular bath can achieve that.
⚫Make sure you have a mouth spray with you especially when you are going for a meeting, date, etc.
⚫Your armpit should be kept dry. If you usually sweat, get a 48hr deodorant...

▶ Lastly, Dress with style;
⚫ Always wear clothes that suits your color, size, season, and personality.
⚫Create your own personal style and follow less trends.
⚫If you want to copy a trend, make sure it suits you and always add a touch of your style to it.
⚫Have a your own signature; It makes you stand out always.
⚫Be confident and poised always...

Uti Nwachukwu 
Stay Stylish (xoxo)
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  1. On this, "step as if you are floating in the air", how is it done,pls.


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