Peplum Top: Do's and Don't

Peplum is an incredible trend that is best for all body size and can actually make you look thinner if you choose the right material and if combined properly.

When styling your peplum hem, be mindful of what silhouette suits you and the colors that look good...I'll give you some do's and don't on how to style your peplum tops.

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⚫ Style the colors according to the proportion of your body. For example: wear a darker tone peplum at the top to minimise broad shoulders and larger busts and team it with lighter shade at the bottom. On the other hand, a darker color on the bottom with a lighter peplum top visually slits the bottom half.

⚫ Because of the peplum’s flared end, it is best worn with a snug-fitting bottom, such as a pencil skirt. But if you feel ultra girly, why not wear your peplum top with a flared buttom. It can create a magical look that will make you want to twirl and spin.

⚫ Pair your peplum top on a mini skirt if you have a petite figure and an above the knee length if you have a fat posture. A tall person can either pair with a skirt above or below the knee.

⚫ Make sure you balance out the ruffles by pairing with a fitting bottom.

⚫ Play with different color and pattern combinations. All depending on the occasion...

Stella Uzo
Christina Cravero 
Tamra Chole 

⚫ Choose fabrics that cling to your body, especially if you’re a courseous person.

⚫ Wear ankle strap or Mary janes since the horizontal line of the peplum is always breaking the natural long lines of the body. Always wear pumps, court shoes or ankle books

⚫ Just go with any trend or buy cos you find the style or color attractive. Always do a preview to know if it fits your size and looks good on you before purshasing.


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Folake Huntoo 
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Prissy savvy 

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So styledolls, what are your opinion on the peplum trend? We love hearing from you.. Leave your answers by commenting below..
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