Styling Up Your Work Outfit

Dress code varies depending on where you work/school ethics and your position; And most times, it's difficult styling up your work outfits cos you have to abide by the dress conduct.

The good news is that there are always creative ways to style up your work attire without disregarding your work rules!

You may not have much freedom wearing what you feel like, but you definitely “have a say” when it comes to choosing the silhouettes, style, fabrics and accessories...

Here are several ways on how you can style up your office outfits:

⚫ If your company’s dress code is very strict, and you are limited to wearing neutral colours, you can style up your look by throwing in some trendy accessories such as a statement necklace or earring, a patterned wide belt, a coloured purse and shoes, etc..

⚫Accessories are key to any outfit. Whether you’re trying to figure what to wear to work or how to make your outfit less boring, it's always a good idea to add an accessory. You don’t have to go over the top with accessories, it's as easy as adding a watch, a statement necklace or simple pocket square..Remember to always wear something that brings out your personal style.

⚫Go with trendy colors, silhouette and designs. Bodycon dresses, peplum hem, colorful blazers and wide pants are in-trend this season and are lovely styles that you can incorporate to your work outfits.

⚫Another way to let a little of your personality be seen is to wear outfits that represents you. For example, a blouse in your favorite pattern or print paired with a traditional suit will help achieve a professional/personal style balanced look.

⚫As much as you want to add some glow to your work outfit, always remember that your office attire still have to be strict and professional-looking so try not to go overboard...

Be inspired!

Have an awesome week! Feel free to share your comments below ⤵

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