Top Ten Colors For Spring/Summer 2016

The global authority and provider of professional color standards for the design industries recently unveiled the PANTONE® Fashion Color Report Spring/Summer 2016.
So i will outline the top ten colors and show you some outfit ideas to make pairing easy for you. Feel free to share and comment your opinion...

1. Fiesta Red: This is an eye-popping and strong yellow-based red... It's perfect for all skin type and gives one that party feel as its name implies. Pair with neutral colors to tone down the bright effect but you can also go bold by pairing with other solid colors (try not to over-do it tho)

2. Buttercup: It is named after a spring flower which makes it the best color for spring 2016. As much as i don't like yellow colored outfits, this particular shade got me tripping cos it can be paired with virtually any color and it has a compelling effect on the person wearing it...

3. Green Flash: As we all know, green never leaves spring/summer color report every year because it’s a representative of nature's influence. Last year was a calmer green but this year, we'll be seeing more of the flashy green hue..

4. Limpet shell: Blue is such a hot colour and it never seems to go out of trend. There a several hues of the colour blue and the one we can’t seem to get enough of since last year is Limpet shell- generally called powder blue.
This is a much lighter shade of the cobalt blue and can be combined with several other colours such as neutrals, purple, pink and blue...

5. Snorkel blue: This maritime-inspired blue is a part of the navy family but has a much happier and energetic context. It can be paired with just about anything and can be combined to any event (especially formal).

6. Peach Echo: This is my best among the colors of this year cos It's beyond amazing. It is a subtle orange color that comes out beautiful when paired properly..

7. Rose Quatz: This exciting pale pink color is the newest added neutral color in the 2016 palette and therefore can be paired with virtually any color.

8. Iced Coffee: This color is very soft and subtle and because it’s a neutral color, it can be combined with anyother color in the season's palette.

9. Lilac Grey: The lilac undertone in this grey color makes it different and exciting... It's a neutral color so it can be paired with any color especially pink, orange, red, yellow and purple.

10. Serenity: Lastly, this weightless and airy blue color, like the expanse of the blue sky provides a classy feel to the wearer. It looks best on a dark person and can be combined with few solid colors like pink, yellow, blue, red and neutrals.

Which shade would you rock most this year? Tell us by commenting below!
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