10 Basic Makeup Essential For Every Woman

A woman's makeup kit is one of her most prized possession. This is because makeup helps pull together a complete ensemble and gives you that killer glow at any event. I've compiled a list of basic makeup items every woman needs to have in her makeup kit...Be inspired

#1. Concealer: This is the only makeup item that can hide your face impurities. Choose a creamy formula that can cover blemishes and hide those dark circles.

#2. Foundation: Finding the right foundation for your face can be confusing. So when in doubt, go to a professional to ascertain your perfect match. You don’t need to slather it all over your face-just in places where you see discolaration and unevenness.

#3. Natural Blush: Look for a lighter shade to give you a natural look. Make sure to pick the right shade for your skin tone cos the right shade will make you look like you are blushing, not like you are wearing a blush.
#4. Transluscent Powder: A powder in your skin tone will help blend in your makeup and give your face the perfect glow. Get one with sunscreen and oil control properties.

#5. Mascara: There is no better way to define your eyes than by enhancing your lashes. Stick with basic black or dark brown if you have light hair and lashes.
#6. Neutral Eyeshadow: The perfect everyday shadow should be a few shades darker than your skin tone. A beige or light brown for dark skin tone and taupe for medium or light skin tones.
#7. Defining Eyeshadow: This is used to add depth by brushing it in the crease of your eyes and under the brow bone. Choose one with medium shade like charcoal gray, black or warm brown.
#8. Eye Liner: You can use your darker shade of eyeshadow as a line along the lashes or use a dark brown or black pencil to create a thin line that will define and enhance your eyes.

#9. Lipstick/Lip Gloss: Either lipstick or gloss, this should totally be determined by your taste and choice of outfit.

#10. A Good Brush Set: With the right makeup brush, you can perform miracles. Invest in a good brush set that includes; fluffy powder brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush, crease brush, eyebrow stencil, and eyeliner brush.

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