Beauty Habits You Should Be Doing Every Morning

Just because you don't wake up bright and in an happy mood doesn't mean that you can't start your day off on the right foot by making a few additions to your morning routine.
Of course it's easy to forget about a new routine when your day is full of dozing of tasks and personal obligation but if you make it a duty to follow a short ritual (under 30 minutes) where you can complete a number of small beauty Habits, then you are on the right path to having a successful and healthy life. It's easy: just add these must-dos to your A.M. schedule and reap the benefits all day long...

▶ Take Antioxidant Supplements
Potent antioxidants like vitamins C and E, helps to protect the skin from aging free radicals, which occur when you encounter UV rays, pollution, and other environmental skin stressors throughout the day. They also help your sunscreen to work better, and over time they help to impart skin with a noticeable glow. Take Vitamin C and E supplements or apply Vitamin C antioxidant serum to dry skin before you take your bath...

▶ Eat Some Protein
Trade your rice or yam for eggs or yogurt. A recent study found that eating a high-protein breakfast helps people stay fuller and avoid overeating later in the day, which is basically all we’ve ever wanted out of food.

▶ Have A Glass Of Cold Water Lemon

Start your day by drinking a Glass of lemon water. We're not talking about putting in a whole lemon and juicing it. Instead It's better to do just a few drops. This habit helps you:

  • Wake up faster 
  • Freshing your breath
  • Get a large amount of vitamins 
  • Reduce the feeling of hunger 
  • Aid your digestive system 
This is a lot easier to do than it seems and it’s a great way to start your day. All you need to do is pour some water into a glass and add a couple drops of lemon juice. Easy, right?

▶ Move Your Body
Studies have proven that people who exercise in the morning sleep better at night. Still, the beauty benefits of sleep are very real, so you want to be sure you’re getting every second of sleep that you need, without compromising to fit in that early morning workout easier to manage.

▶ Meditate For 5 Minutes
Meditation is about maintaining focus and blocking out any other distractions. Meditation has been proven to have numerous benefits, including:
  • Less stress 
  • More creativity 
  • Better focus 
  • Increased memory
Some people meditate for hours on end while others just take a few minutes out of their mornings. I suggest you start by meditating for a few minutes, so it fits into your morning routine. And if you like it, you can increase the length of time that you do it. 

▶ Have A Mint
Mints can do more than just freshen your breath. You can chew some strong mint-flavored gum, brush your teeth with mint toothpaste, or dab some peppermint essential oil under your nostrils if you want; the choice is up to you. The reason you want to do something with mint is because it:
  • Increases mental alertness 
  • Is a natural stimulant 
  • Helps with memory loss... 

Drink green tea
If you need an A.M. caffeine boost and aren’t the coffee type, green tea is the ideal way to get it. The drink is packed with flavonoids, a type of antioxidant, which have been proven to slow cell damage and are even linked to a reduced risk of certain cancers. Can’t bear to give up your coffee habit?
Good news: coffee contains antioxidants, too, and research suggests that it may even speed up the metabolism.

▶Recite Affirmations
Sometimes you just have to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are capable of tackling the world. We spend too much time focusing on what we can’t do and not enough time building up our self-esteem. Take a minute to tell yourself these phrases:
  • "I am a generous person"
  • "I am making a difference in the world"
  • "I will accomplish my goals today"
When you speak phrases like this, you begin to believe just how much you can accomplish. Stand tall and look in the mirror before speaking.
Nothing can hold you back! 

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