Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Formal Wear

Every man needs a few pairs of great dress shoes for the unavoidable occasions that will call for them and it’s important to find a classic pair that would suit you and is worth investing in.

A great pair of dress shoes is a necessary staple for any man’s closet and there is nothing that will make you look more stylish and give you a confidence boost like a nice pair of shoes for your formal events. Even the most casual of men will need to suit up at one point or another right?

Therefore i'll give you some basic tips on how to choose the appropriate shoes for your business or formal occasion. Be inspired:

▶️ Choosing the right shoes for your formal event should solely be dependent on your style, personality, the context of the event and lastly, your choice of outfit. For that reason, put that lazy instinct on hold and take some time to consider which style suits you best.

▶ For your more convetional occasion, black patent leather shoes are more preferable. However, brown shoes are in vogue at the moment and can help tone down an outfit as well as work with more casual trousers.

▶ Make sure your shoes matches with the fit of your trousers; Broader shoes will look odd when coupled with skinny or slim-fit trousers, while slim, sharp shoes will look clunky when worn with regular fitting trousers.

▶ Always make sure your belt color and style matches your shoes.

▶ Match socks to your suit color (or to secondary parts of your outfit such as tie, cufflinks or pocket square) not your shoes.

▶ Only wear formal shoes when the occasion demands, so as to avoid wear.

▶️ Lastly, the next time you are getting prepared for work or any formal event, take a good look at your shoes. Are they a quality pair of shoes? Is it fit for the occasion? Is it out of style? Remember your shoes will make or break any look so next time, give the attention to your shoes first, before anything else.
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