Work Outfit Idea #6: Pop of Color

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How To Add That "POP" To Your Work Outfit

Ladies I'm certain you'll all agree with me that there are times when your work or formal school outfit becomes boring and you'll want to try some color-blocking or bold color combinations to bring joy to that outfit? Adding a pop of color, prints and pattern is fun, creative and exciting. Therefore i've compiled some tips
and ideas on how to add color to your formal attires (work, class, business meetings, etc). Be inspired!

➡ When putting a work look together, or any look for that matter,make use of these three color-shade approach. They are: The base, The accent and The pop (solid).

The Base: This is the foundation of any outfit. They are neutral colors that form the bases of one's outfit and a must when pairing your complete attire. Typically, they are tailored pieces like your; suits, skirts, jackets, blazers, tailored shirt and pants and are usually in neutral colors like; white, black, navy, grey, brown, tan, came, olive, and so on.

The Accent: These are items that helps bring together a complete attire. They are called complementing colors and they can either be neutral or solid (pop). Often it is the accent pieces that revives your base items and can be in outfits like; a cool blazer, a funky dress, a unique pants, a vintage top, etc. Unlike your base pieces that are versatile, accents are not-they are only worn to fulfil a current trend or taste.

The Pop: These are items that add a pop to your outfit. While most ladies have base and accent in their wardrobe, the pop is what most women are missing. The pop is the flavor of the outfit, the finishing components that takes up a little percentage of your complete ensemble.

➡ To combine an outfit using this approach, you need to start with the base which is the foundation of the outfit. Next you choose your accent and then the pop.
Take note of these tips:
⚫The accent and the pop should always complement each other. Like pink and green, navy and yellow, purple and grey, coral and turquoise, for example...
⚫When choosing your pop, decide carefully which item you want to add color to. For example, if you are wearing a patterned or solid skirt or pants (accent) then your pop should be in complementing colors.
⚫Another way to choose your pop is to pull out one of the shades found in the accent (especially if it's patterned) and use as the pop.

Here are some looks i created to help inspire you:

Base: Pants, Accent: Turtle-neck top, Pop: Scarf and Bag

Base: Blouse, Accent: Skirt, Pop: Earrings and ring

Base: Skinny pants, Accent: Blouse, Pop: Shoes

Base: Pants, Accent: Blouse, Pop: Blazers and Bag

Base: Blazers, Accent: Skirt, Pop: Blouse, Shoes and Bag

Base: Blazers, Accent: Skirt, Pop: Blouse and Bag

Base: Blazers, Accents: Skirt, Pop: Blouse and Bag

Base: Skirt, Accent: Blouse, Pop: Shoes and Purse

Base: Blazers, Accent: Blouse, Pop: Skirt and Shoes

Base: Skinnies, Accent: Blouse, Pop: Shoes

Base: Blouse, Accent: Skirt, Pop: Shoes and Bag

Base: Skirt, Accent: Blouse, Pop: Shoes

Base: Blouse, Accent: Skirt, Pop: Bag and Accessories

The next time you feel bored and unispired in what you are wearing, look to see if you are missing some Pop. This small difference can have a huge impact on the stylishness of an outfit. So let your work attire make your week beautiful...xoxo

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