DIY: How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Blackheads are super annoying and also a major cause of inferiority complex and lack of self confidence according to research and experience. Oh yes! I've battled with blackheads in the past and i remember how annoyed and depressed i used to feel looking in the mirror and seeing those tiny black demons staring back at me *lool*...If you are one of the people whose blackhead keeps coming back no matter how many times you try to get rid of them, the following hacks are exactly what you need.

First and foremost, let's figure out what blackheads really are:
▶ Blackheads are little bumps or plugs embedded into the pores of the skin, filled with comeocytes and serum. Oil and dead cells are trapped within a pore and form a comedone when the skin is not shredding dead skin cells properly. When the pores remain open, it allows clogged material to oxidize and change color to black, this is known as a blackhead or open comedone. When blackhead is not treated well, it will result in;
  • Acne- Presence of bacteria P. acnes caused by inflamed and irritated skin. 
  • Open Pores- Build up of excessive sebum and dead skin celebs which leads to enlarged and thicken pores. 
  • Discoloration- Without proper exfoliation, excessive build up of dead skin cells leads to uneven skin tone.
Now that you know, let's get into ways to remove them:
▶ Using lemon is a great way of removing blackheads. 

▶ You can even add lemon juice to baking soda for a more intense detox. 

▶ A mixture of honey and baking soda is very effective. 

▶ Egg whites + paper towels = DIY pore strips 

▶ Toothpaste isn't only useful for cleaning your teeth! 

▶ Steam, Cleanse, Apply honey and Peel 

▶ Combine unflavoured gelatin and milk to create a paste, let it dry on your nose and then peel off to get all those little bad boys out:

▶ Dip a cotton ball into egg white and apply on the affected area. 

▶ Brush those blackheads out! 

▶ Don’t forget, keeping your blackheads at bay is a process. Here's what you should do daily;

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