How To Stay Stylish Always

Have you ever imagined why some women always look stylish no matter what they wear, and how they seem to know the right outfit to wear for every occasion. Truth is, the stylish icons that we envy have some habits that make them look polished, confident, and fabulous always.

Keep on reading for our guide on how to stay stylish always:

▶ The very first habit a stylish woman must possess is the ability to Plan ahead. To put together a perfect 10/10 outfit, it's best you plan it the night before. Getting into this habit gives you time to make a good match and also saves you the stress of running around the next day.
When you want to plan your outfit for work, an event, class, dates, virtually anywhere, make sure to give yourself an hour or two to get ready and always try out the outfit in front of a mirror to ensure that it's perfectly put-together. Instead of pressing those snooze buttons like some of us do, it's best to use that time to get prepared. This helps reduce the error in combining and also helps boost your confidence.

Be Inspired: 

It's very important you create your own style, but getting inspiration from other style icons is also important in enhancing your style. Subscribe to really inspiring style channels and check out places like Style blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, or fashion magazines for inspiration. You'll certainly find similar pieces in your own closet to help recreate your favorite looks.

Shop Everywhere: 

You might think that a well-dressed woman only wears designer labels, but that’s usually not the case..unless she’s a celebrity. Most stylish women often piece together outfits from all kinds of places; discount stores, chain stores at the mall, road-side or trade fare sales, etc. Don’t limit yourself to designer boutiques only if you want to achieve an effortless style!

Dress For the Occasion:

Stylish women are always the ones whose dressing fits the occasion properly. If you are going for a dinner, don't wear your club outfits, and if you're going to work or class, never wear clothes that are meant for casual dates. Wearing outfits that suits the particular occasion helps you stand out always.

Be more into shoes than bags:

The truly stylish women care far more about what's on their feet than what's dangling from their arm. When your shoes are right, the rest of your outfit takes care of itself. I'm not saying you shouldn't care about using a lovely purse or bag, but let your shoes be of utmost priority in your daily outfits.

▶ Pay Attention to What’s Underneath:

Your undergarments are your style foundation. Yes, it might sound crazy, but it’s true: a pair of underwear with visible elastic or a bra that doesn’t give you enough of a boost can cause a good look to lose its fittings. When planning out your look for the day, make sure to select the proper undergarments to go with your outfit.

Wear clothes that fits:

You could have on the trendiest, most expensive outfit in the world—but if it doesn’t fit you properly, you’re not going to look stylish in it. The biggest mistake most of us make is wearing clothes that don't fit because we don't appreciate the body we have right now. Remember confidence is the best accessory. It can make or break an outfit!

▶ Above all, as much as it's important to stay true to your style, it’s also very important to have a Signature. Whether it’s a gold bangle, a nude touch in your makeup or the fact that you always choose boyfriend jeans over skinnies, figure out that style item that defines your personal style, and stick with it—until you want to change it, then feel free to do so.

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