How To Stay Stylish During Pregnancy

Being pregnant doesn't mean you cannot stay stylish or maintain that perfect poise at all times. It's so easy to look amazing and stylish during pregnancy if you learn always to accept, accentuate, adapt to your new body size and flaunt that beautiful bump like It's a part of you.

Here are some ideas and tips on how to stay stylish during pregnancy. Be inspired

Stick With What Makes You Comfortable: It doesn't matter if you decide to wear skin-tight clothes and show off your stomach or hide it under flowy top, you should always stay true to your style and what makes you comfortable.


Choose Snug Over bulk: Instead of hiding your baby bump with oversized cloth which only makes you look more bulky, invest in stretchy clothes to fit your silhouette and help accommodate the bulky tummy - Just make sure they're long enough to completely cover your belly. Also consider making large, flowy clothes more curve slimming by adding a belt.

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Go For Bold Color and Prints: Dark shades and vertical stripped or monochrome outfits are the perfect go-to during pregnancy as it helps create a slim illusion but that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to dark and neutral colors. Remember color and pattern is an essential part of a modern matternity closet.

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Rock Your Heels If It Makes You Comfortable: If you are having a healthy pregnancy and aren't experiencing any pain while wearing heels, then i think you have no problem wearing heels occassionally and it's really a great way to feel stylish also. For more comfort, go for wedge sandals and pumps.

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Recycle: It can be painful to spend large amount of money on things you'll only wear for a few months - so shop from thrift stores and buy not too expensive clothes and accessories. Another way is to revamp your old clothes and turn them to matternity outfits; like those pleated maxi skirts...

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Be Simple: As much as you want to stay stylish, always maintain a simple wardrobe during pregnancy. Wear flat and sandals more often and very flowy shirt dresses that will help both you and the child to breathe properly and do not forget to smile and stay happy always.

▶ For a working pregnant woman, simplicity is the key; if your job calls for a casual attire, them you are very lucky, but for a more formal business environment, I recommend five key pieces in similar fabrics and complementing shades:
⚫A skirt
⚫A jacket
⚫A dress
⚫An a tunic top.
Combine these five pieces to at least six different looks. You can also get few more outfits out of the mix by adding few non-maternity outfits to help complete it.

Accessorize: One of the easiest ways to add flare and glow to an otherwise simple ensemble is to put on your favourite accessories. Try long, dangling earrings and statement necklaces to de-emphasize fullness in your face. Also wear a patterned scarf and a chic handbag- this instantly perks-up practically any outfit.

Matternity Necessities

   That being said, apart from the normal outfits that are a go-to during pregnancy, there are some essentials that every woman should invest in for comfortability and convenience sake. They include:

▶ Matternity Pants/jeans

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▶ Peplum or Flowy blouse

▶ Black Leggings

▶ Dress Shirts

▶ Cotton or Stretchy Tee

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▶ Pleated flowy dress

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▶ Dungarees (First trimester)

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▶ Black Dress

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▶ Maxi Dress/skirt

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▶ Neutral-colored Blazers

▶ Well-fitting Bra

Remember these tips are just to get you started. The important thing is that you wear what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful inside and out. Stay stylish 
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