Taking Care Of Your Shoes

One very important aspect of style and life in general involves having a good maintenance attitude towards items that you own, this includes taking care of those items that you value and what else can be more valuable in your wardrobes than your shoes *lool*.

The biggest mistake most people make is to neglect caring for their shoes after they bring them home. Put some time and effort into the fabric and the soles of your shoes, and they will stand up to whatever punishment your feet inflicts.

Here are some steps you can apply to take better care and prolong the lifespan of your shoes.

▶ Don’t wear the same pair of shoes for two days in a row! Even though they are your favourite pairs. Limit the way you wear them to twice a week but not consecutively. If they are your work shoes, allow them to air dry for at least twenty four hours before you wear them again.

▶ The next thing to take note of is the materials in which the shoe was made from. For leather shoes, polish them often to maintain moisture and shine. Also when you sweat in your leather shoes air them out because salt reduces the moisture on the leather shoes and cause them to bend and tear easily. You can also wear panty hose or invisible socks to prevent sweating in your shoes.

Fabric or canvas shoes can be cleaned by machine or hand washing.
Note this: If you get caught in a downpour, dry your wet shoes by stuffing them with crumpled-up newspaper and dry slowly, away from direct sunlight. This prevents your shoes from getting crumpled and keeps it in good shape.


▶ For suede shoes, try to always prevent moisture contact and use a brush to lightly brush off dirt and dust from it regularly. As often as you can, treat them with a suede spray that resist water, salt and mud so they won't be damaged by the elements and to also make it look neat and radiant but try not to use it often as too much moisture affects your suede shoes.

▶ If you’re going out to party especially at night, it's better to put on a more comfortable shoe instead of very high heels because no one is gonna be looking at your feet anyway, at least not at the club and it would also be great if you feel comfortable when standing for a long time. This would protect your leg and heels from sprain and tension.

▶ To remove tough stains or marks from your shoes, try swabbing with nail-polish remover and then wiping clean. If the whole shoe starts darkening, spray with a 50/50 mixture of water and lemon juice and let it sit in the sun for a full day.

▶ Lastly, clean the insides of your shoes regularly to prevent odours. Clean them with alcohol or a drop of tea tree oil (an anti fungal agent). It's advisable not to use sponge on your shoes because it damages the shoe fabric. Also try to buy a waterproof protector to spray on your new shoes. It's affordable and it helps keep the surface from getting marred if they get wet in the rain.
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