What To Wear On A Date

Hello Fam! It's almost weekend and i know there will lots of dates lined-up for many of us *winks*. Have you ever noticed that the only thing that keeps you awake all night when preparing for a date (especially a first date) is deciding what to wear-You want to look put together, but not boring. You want to look nice, but not overdressed. You want to look chic, but not flashy. Well, don't fret! I'm here to help you figure out what to wear to a date.

The kind of date you are invited to should determine what ensemble you opt for. People seldom realise this, but preparing for a date is not generally dependent on the outfit of choice alone. Your hair, accessories, manicure and pedicure, etc should also be put into consideration and groomed appropriately. Here are five basic rules to take note of when going on a date...BeInspired

Comfortability is priority: If you want your date to go well as planned, ensure that you are super comfortable in your choice of outfit, foot wear and hair do. This means;
⚫No sky high heels unless you are comfortable walking in them.
⚫No new outfit that you haven't tried before. This boils down to planning your date outing before the day arrives.
⚫No extremely short or revealing dress unless you are going for a night-out.
If you are comfortable, you'll be able to relax more and concentrate on being your amazing, attractive self...
Sindi Diamini
Dress For The Occasion: If you know where your date is taking you, be sure to dress appropriately for the occasion and if you don't, find out the name of the venue before choosing what to wear. If your date partner invites you to an outdoor outing; wearing heels or tight outfits will be doing too much. My tip is to wear flats which will not get stuck in the grass and make you feel comfy. For a meet-up at a bar over drinks, go for a cool, casual look; like a fun graphic tee on jean or a comfortable dress. Or if it's a nice dinner, swap in a fitted blazer and silk blouse instead.
▶ Be Yourself: Never try to dress like someone else on a date. If you’re a shredded jean and t-shirt person, then don’t force yourself to suit up, also if you are a jumpsuit person, don't force yourself on a tight bodycon dress. Similarly, if you have tatoos and piercings, don't cover them up. Be yourself and let that be expressed in your sense of style.
Be conservative: You don’t want to send off the wrong signal so don’t show too many body parts at a time. Like the old saying goes: “show off either legs, or cleavage, but not both at the same time” Reveal just enough to get your date interested, but not too much to ruin the sense of mystery.
Choose Your Most Confident Outfit: The most important thing is to be confident and amazing in what you’re wearing no matter what. Choose an outfit that reflects your style and personality. And wear it confidently. If you can do that, then your date will get that vibe too and will respond well to your confidence.
So start getting ready for that awesome date and don't forget to look super stylish so your date won't stop staring at you and possibly invite you for another date next week *grins*
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