10 Must-have Dresses For Every Woman

There are some core dresses that every woman should own! I am not talking about those dresses that come and go into fashion each year, but classic pieces that you should invest in and that will last you a life-time! Sure, we may gravitate toward different styles depending on the season and "what's in-trend," but if you stick to these essential silhouettes, you'll never be without the right look for any occasion.
We've therefore compiled our list of 10 must-have dresses every lady should have in her wardrobe...Be inspired!

The Little Black Dress: This is a classic staple-item that can be a life-saver for so many events, no matter the age or the season. It is a dress that will look gorgeous on any body shape and any style. Choose it in a classic, versatile cut and you will be able to transition it with ease from day to night.
Daytime Maxi Dress: It's a must-have in your closet cos it's perfect for a day outing with friends, dates, party and also great for work, especially if it is a warm day. Wear it with flat sandals or even flip flops for a relaxed and toned down look!
A wrap dress: It is a super versatile and flattering outfit for every shape. It is a great dress to wear to work, on holidays and even during the evening!
A colorful versatile dress: An easy dress to slip on and look gorgeous in is definitely a must-have for your closet. You will be able to wear it from the office to a shopping spree, from a casual drink with friends to a hot date, simply by changing the accessories.
An elegant evening gown: A floor-length, formal evening gown is a dress that you might think that you will never in your life need, but it is actually a really useful item to have. Get it in a classic shape so you are sure it will never go out of date.
A classic cocktail dress: What you really want in your closet is a show-stopping, party-ready dress. Choose one with a hemline that reaches just above the knee or, if you like to dare, go really short! Don’t overdo with the accessories if it is already very embellished.
An asymmetric dress: Make a real fashion statement with a dress with asymmetric hemline, shoulders or print. The asymmetric style will flatter your curves and make you stand out from the crowd in a stylish way.
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A floral dress: A floral dress is a great way to start off the warm season with the right foot. It is fresh, summery and very versatile. There are many different floral patterns so you will definitely be able to find the one that suits you best. It will be great both for the day, worn at a party, and also for your evening events.
A feminine lace dress: If you thought that lace was only for your grandma, then think again! It has been revived a few seasons ago and has ever since become a feminine and sweet trend destined to stay for a while. A lace dress is great for most occasion.
A shirt dress: Lastly, a shirt dress is a must-have for every ladies closet and perfect if you want to go casual. This masculine cut will bring out all your femininity and sexiness without making it look like you are trying too hard. You can wear it with a flattering belt around the waist to enhance your figure.

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