5 Power Items Every Careergirl Should Own

With the new season comes amazing new directions, goals, ideas and expectations! And what will work for us career girls is to regularly equip ourselves with inspiration from career and classic fashionistas; thanks to the ever-present style inspiration in our social media platforms.
Who says office style needs to be boring? You can look super chic and stylish regardless of what your job ethic states! You can be that career diva who inspires other co-workers to Up their style game!...
To help you achieve that, we've selected five power pieces every career girl should own. Be inspired!

#1 The Tailored White Shirt
Powede Lawrence
Of course we all know that white shirt is the foundation of any solid career wardrobe– it's funny that the simplest outfit can still make a big impression. Yes, some effort must go into making it is as crisp and as clean as can be, but once you master that, you project an unquestioned elegance to the world.  Whether or not you feel ready to face the day, the right white shirt will convince the world that you are more than ready to handle whatever life throws at you with grace and style.

#2 The Tailored Jacket
The power of a tailored jacket is not to be underestimated. It’s a passport to being taken more seriously, and the effect it can have on your self-confidence and image is unbeatable. With a solid jacket, public speaking will become less daunting, and you’ll feel like you can overcome any challenge. No single item of workwear can boost more like this piece.

#3 Power Heels
Luane Balbine
High heel speaks elegance, poise, authority, confidence, determination and influence and these should be your defining quaities as a career woman. It’s no surprise that stilettos are the staple of strong, driven women such as Victoria Beckham and Beyonce Knowles...Get yourself a killer heel and be set to take over the world!

#4 Power Bag
Every career lady should own that power bag that goes with everything and is perfect for any occasion. This should be a bag that not only steals glaces but one that you feel comfortable in and channels your style perfectly.

#5 The Swaying Dress
Folake Huntoon
Channeling you femininity in a beautiful dress is a worthy source of power in its own right. It’s a power favoured by women like Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie – ladies who value the power of their womanhood. Worn with a solid jacket, it projects a kind of untouchable cool that will make sure you’re always the hippest in the room.

What is your ultimate power piece? Let us know in the comment box below?
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