How To Wear Floral Prints To Work

Have you ever thought of wearing florals to work then brushed off the idea because you feared they may be too unprofessional? Generally speaking, All prints are very subjective and personal and have set of unique characteristics that are linked to them that when worn, transfers to the wearer. And because floral prints are normally linked with femininity, passiveness, and frivolity, as a result it has been avoided for more serious work environment.

However, contrary to people's opinion and conventional wisdom, I believe every woman should be able to thrive in a professional workplace while wearing clothes that make her feel powerful, confident and attractive. It is wrong to let floral prints be termed as displaying a lack of professionalism or competence just because they are feminine.

Of course, not every woman loves to wear floral prints to work and not every work environment favours prints in general; but any professional woman who wants to wear floral prints should feel confident about doing so-as long as she follows a few rules. Which are:

Embrace The Dark Side: If you desire to be seen as a serious or competent business woman, use the power of color psychology and stereotypes to get your intent across. Since dark colors are perceived as more powerful and professional than light colors - so look for floral prints with dark and rich hue. For maximum impact and visual presence, wear your dark florals with moody colors like burgundy, plum, and midnight blue as accents.

Go Minimal: A little floral at the office goes a long way. This is because adding a dash of floral to your work outfit will give you that feminine and classic edge that can help soften an otherwise severe look. A floral top is one of the easiest items to pull off as part of a professional outfit-you can pair it with a blazer, jacket or wear it alone. But for beginners, you can just start with a floral handbag, belt or add a floral scarf to your work look.
Don’t Over-do It: Your work is not a place to experiment with fashion or flaunt your creative side. So wear one floral item at a time and complement it with a strong, solid color. Black, white, navy, and grey which are traditional business colors are always a great option and will complement your bright florals perfectly. Avoid neon, which is too trendy and casual for the office.

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Keep It Sleek And Proper: When wearing florals to work, keep your look sleek and sophisticated while still maintaining a conservative appearance. You can give some edge to a dull neutral colored blazer by pairing with a bright floral dress . But as much as you try to look sleek, always avoid girlish details like ruffles, bows, decorative edging and lace.

Mange Lowrey
Use Complementing Details: A floral statement piece or accessories should be paired with an otherwise understated and conservative outfit. For example, pair a bold floral pump with a simple neutral dress, or a floral scarf on a plain suit. Likewise, an understated outfit can also look fabulous with a bold floral accent (read more on "accent") For example, wear a floral top on a complementing outfit or classic suit in black, navy or grey.

Karina Pere
Pair With Tailored Pieces: You can pretty much get away with wearing any type of floral print if you wear it layered under an excellently tailored ensemble. A tailored dress shirt on floral skirt or structured floral blouse on a business suit will instantly elevate your look and have you set to take on the day. Also make sure your outfit is fitted properly (not too tight, not too big).

Victoria Beckham
Less Pastel! More Bold: Beware of girlish pastel prints at the office. Either you avoid them altogether or think carefully on how well to combine it for work. For example, you can pair a pastel floral blouse with a dark colored skirt or suit. However, bold and classic floral prints, which include abstract floral, watercolor floral and mirror print florals with symmetrical motifs are an excellent choice.

Say Yes To Monochrome: Black and white are colors that you cannot go wrong with. This is because they are neutral go-to colors and are also versatile. You can trust this classic combo to hold you in a good stead at work, most especially when you select a black and white floral hue. Being done in black and white, the femininity of the floral is toned down a bit and it’s classic and sleek look is played up even further.

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