Men's Guide: How To Look Sharp Always

Looking cool and super sharp does not have to do with the designer brands you wear. You don’t need to drain your bank accounts to achieve that “fly” look.

Although we all want to keep improving on our looks but the key to looking sharp always is not in the amount of designer label you own, but the way you put your outfit together in a unique and stylish way.

"Fashion is what you buy, Style is how you wear it"

Here are important ways to maintain a sharp and dapper appearance always:

Don’t Be A Trend Follower- Create your own unique style and wear what brings out the best in you and makes you comfortable. If you are a white tee, sweat shirt, blue jeans, and smart shoe person, then wear it will poise and confidence.

Get Your Measurement Right- This is very important and the first step in achieving that smart look always. Ensure you know your proper size and fittings before buying any clothing. If you really like it, buy it and get it professionally altered.

Plan Ahead- it’s good to maintain a schedule of your daily activities and plan your outfits based on the occasion you are preparing for. This way, you don’t have to rush down in completing some tasks and you avoid stress as well which will tell on your health and make you loose focus.

Don’t forget your shoes- Shoes are one of the first thing people notice, so it is very importat you invest in them. From your dress shoes, to your casual day shoes, make sure to keep them groomed and in good shape.

Get Your Accessories Right- Use them right and you won’t ever go wrong. Pocket squares, bracelets, wrist watch, tote bags. Sunglasses, you name it!

keep Yourself Groomed- This includes proper trimming of your hair regularly, keeping your chin, nose and arm-pit hair clean and nicely trimmed.

Get A Signature Scent- Just like clothes; signature scent can create a lasting expression. So take your time to decide on a good cologne and stick with it. Don't forget to get a 48hrs deodorant to keep yourself looking fresh and clean always.

Stand Tall- Maintaining a good poise when walking or standing makes a huge difference on your appearance. Good posture makes your clothes fit and look more dapper.

Any new idea or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to use the comment box.
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