Men’s Guide To Matching Necktie To The Right Dress Shirt

In my experience in consulting with men, I've noticed that the major challenges most men are faced with when completing an overall look is coordinating their tie with the rest of their clothing. There is so much confusion on this subject of matching a tie with the right dress shirt that I decided to write an article to guide you when faced with such issues.
The first thing you should take note of is that; No stylist or style article can predict the unlimited occasions and different clothing combinations men across the world face when dressing themselves, all they can do is give you helpful guides.

With that being said, let your personal style play a major role when coordinating your outfit, always keep things simple, seek to coordinate but do not be afraid to clash, and plan your outfit beforehand to ensure your ties and dress shirts are timelessly classic to begin with and matches each other perfectly.

Matching A Solid Color Tie

Solid and semi-solid colored ties are the easiest to match a dress shirt and suit with cos the absence of pattern enables it to complement the other article of clothing. For instance, a classic maroon necktie can perfectly be paired with a pin-stripped light colored shirt and iced coffee suit or with the more formal white dress shirt and plaid grey suit.
For a formal look, it's more preferable to use a silk and classic necktie but for a more casual look, consider a subtle, solid cotton or wool necktie.

Matching A Patterned/Narrow Stripped Tie

Ties that display multiple narrow stripes in many different colors are also easy to match with a dress shirt if you make sure it harmonizes with the rest of your outfit. Because this tie already displays a hint of white, it will look great on a white dress shirt or colors in thesame family. Next, have a look at the other colors on this tie; the stripes are blue, orange, peach and brown, so it will look better with a navy-blue, brown, black, peach-echo or tan suit.

Matching A Classic Stripped Tie

A classic stripped pattern is defined by a simple design in two contrasting colors. Because the stripes in this tie are spaced wide apart, this tie will look great on top of a narrow stripped or finely checkered dress shirt. And for the ones that have narrow spacing, a plain or thin-stripped shirt would work best. Almost any suit color will complement this tie because brown is a neutral color.

▶ Matching A British/University Stripped Tie

These neckties are characterised by their conservative stripped design, dull colors, and fine fabric weave and their stripes fall from right to left. Classic colors include; maroon, olive, navy, tan, amber-yellow, and forest green. The maroon and navy-blue color in the picture above combines best with a white or sky blue dress shirt.

Matching A Paisley Tie

The paisley pattern is a tear-drop like shape that originated in Persia during the 16th century. The paisley was a major textile motif in Persia and was used to decorate royal and religious garments. During the 1960's, the pattern became popular on men's tie and has resurfaced every year since then although, forming new shapes and patterns every year. The best color of dress shirt that fits perfectly with a paisley necktie is your white shirt and maybe a light-colored shirt in thesame color family.

▶ Matching A Polka-dot, Foulard and Club Tie

The most popular polka-dot, foulard and club ties have very small and intricate patterns. When combining these ties with a shirt and suit, thesame principles of combining pattern applies; each item's pattern should be different in size and shape. This navy-blue and red polka-dot tie combines well with a white shirt and navy suit or blue and white checkered shirt and solid gray suit.

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