Monochrome Effect: White And Black

White and black are neutral go-to colours that you can easily throw on whenever you are in doubt and the mixture of these colors is called monochrome. Monochrome is basically a mixture of white and black or two shades of a single color although the former is really in vogue now and popularly accepted.

However the problem with white and black is that it easily gets boring so the best solution is to sometimes add some pop to achieve an effortlessly stylish look.

Here are some tips and ways to rock the monochrome trend...Be inspired!

Be Sure It Suits You: Before you take that stylish step to wearing a monochrome, you need to be sure it suits you, ranging from your body size, skin tone and to your heights. So for beginners, you can start by wearing your white and black in separates and select the shade that compliments your skin tone.

Blend With Your Body Shape: Black helps to make you look slim, so most of the time it should be worn in areas you want to appear slim. If you have a heavy bottom, it's preferable to wear white on top and black at the bottom to draw attention away from that area. While for small chested ladies, it's more preferable to wear black on top and white at the bottom to help create the illusion of a fuller body.

Fuse-in Different Styles And Textures: Because monochrome has the tendency to fall flat, make your monochrome exciting by fusing in different styles and textures. Make sure to create an outfit that utilizes a variety of characteristics, such as pleats, drapes, ruffles, lace, wool, chambray, chiffon and lots more. This helps your outfit stay coordinated yet stylish.

Don’t Leave Out The "Pop": As much as the combination of white and black creates a fun look, it can easily get boring because white and black are neutrals. So to style up your monochrome and achieve an effortlessly chic look, add a hint of color to your attire. Bright colors like red, yellow, sea green, powder blue, pink, orange, etc. This color could be in your lipstick, purse or shoes.

Prints And Patterns Are Welcome: Print and patterns can help break up the dullness of black and white on its own and make the monochrome look a little soft. So incorporate patterns and prints to your outfit to make it stand out and look different. For beginners, you can start with tiny prints and patterns.

Conclusion: What I love about the monochrome trend is that everyone can wear it in a way that suits their own personal style. Whether you like the edgy look, or the more feminine styles, monochrome is a trend that’s here to stay so embrace it!

Do you love the monochrome look? How would love to style it? I’d love to know, tell me in the comments below...xoxo
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