The Pocket Square Folding Guide: 8 Different Ways!

The pocket square is a small accessory that, when added to a complete ensemble, allows you to express yourself and vary your look without having to buy a whole bunch of different suits.

Whether you’re getting all dressed up for a wedding, work or a special date night out, it’s a perfectly folded pocket square that lends your suit jacket a bit of finished touche and can add a stylish feel to your appearance without it looking like you’re trying too hard.

These guide covers eight different ways on how you can rock a pocket square with style:

Note that most of these will work best with a pocket square that is, in fact, square. Rectangular ones can be made to work as well but will generally require folding from more than one edge rather than down the middle to make the cloth fit in the pocket.

Be inspired!

#1. The Presidential Fold: This the most basic and refined pocket square fold out there. Go for the clean, crisp look, or fold a bit asymmetrically. This style is used when you want to achieve maximum formality and an understated elegance.
#2. The One-point Fold: Still simple enough to be business-appropriate, but relaxed enough to wear with a casual blazer, too. Its finished form is a single, symmetrical triangle pointing upward from the breast pocket.
#3. The Two-point Fold: This is a more dressy style with a bit of flair, and is popular among business professionals. It’s easier than it looks — the process is really just the basic one-point fold, but slightly off-center.
#4. The Three-point Fold: The three-point fold is good when you want to add a stylish feel to your outfit. It’s certainly still business-appropriate, but make sure the square is very neat and crisp. Although this can take a couple of tries to make more than one or two points line up neatly and keep the size and angle equal but with lots of tries, you'll get it in no time.
#5. The Four-point/Cagney Fold: This is the pointiest of the point folds! This one is actually a bit easier to keep neat than the three-point fold, since all the folding is symmetrical. It also finishes with the outside points angled slightly away from each other, giving it a nicely framed look.

#6. The Puff Fold: This is the most common style that breaks away from the geometrical model that the previously mentioned folds have. It has a soft, organic shape, characterized by roundness and even wrinkles. And, while it can seem informal, it is most certainly stylish.
#7. The Crown Fold: This is the simplest way to make a slightly puffy, fringed shape with the edge of a pocket square. Depending on how stiff and how colorful your fabric is, it tends to look something like a flower or a crown.
#8. The Three Stairs Fold: This is the most challenging folds but also the most elegant. Whether you’re headed to a wedding, work or a business dinner, the three stairs fold is sure to make you stand out.
Now you have more options to choose from when picking your outfit of the day.

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