10 Awesome Ways To Fix Annoying Makeup Problems

You wake up to start preparing for an outing, slap on your makeup, and, right before you head out the door, you glance in the mirror — realizing your lipstick is all smudged, your makeup looks cakey, and your eyebrow looks all clumpy.

Well these Makeup mistakes happen to many ladies, but these 10 tips and tricks will make sure they don't happen to you.

#1.Avoid Getting Lipsticks On Your Teeth: Looking in the mirror and finding that you have lipstick on your teeth is a common problem most ladies face. So, a good way to ensure it won't happen is by applying your lip color and then sticking your index finger in your mouth and wrapping your lips around it as you pull your finger out of your mouth. This removes the lipstick that would have potentially gotten on your teeth from the inside of your lips.

#2. Stop Eyeliner From Slipping Down Your Face: To avoid your eyeliner from making its way down to your cheek, apply an oil-free stick concealer under your eyes, directly underneath your lashes. Then, set it with translucent powder. This will act as a barrier so your liner won't start dripping.

#3. Prevent Foundation From Looking Cakey: We've been there before: You quickly slam-in your makeup and rush out to an event, only to get to where you're going and have someone tell you your foundation isn't rubbed in. The trick to flawless makeup is all about blending, so it's important to take the extra time to blend your makeup onto your neck (and chest if you're wearing a strapless or V-neck top).

#4. Make Contouring Look More Natural: Contouring can make a huge difference to your face. It can help slim your nose, hide a double chin and balance up your features. But the mistake most people make with contouring is that the lines between the highlighter and the contouring shade are far too obvious. To avoid this, After you've applied concealer one shade lighter (on the center of your forehead, down the bridge of your nose, along your cheekbones, and on your chin) and one shade darker (on the perimeter of your forehead, under your cheekbones, along the side of the bridge of your nose and on the tip, and along your jawline) on your face, you have to blend. That way it's more natural and you aren't left with any obvious signs that you've sculpted your face.

#5. Prevent Eyebrow From Smearing: If you notice some flecks of eyeshadow has fallen on your cheeks, you can't just wipe them off because they will smear your foundation. The best way to remove them is to gently lift them off with a small piece of sticky-tape

#6. Create A Natural Glow With Bronzer: The most important thing to remember about bronzer is that if you apply too much of it, you will certainly look like a clown. Same rule as foundation: less is more and you can always build. Apply the formula conservatively at first in the places that you would naturally get sun, like your forehead, cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and a touch on your chin. You only need a small amount of bronzer to achieve that sun-kissed look.

#7. Prevent Mascara From Getting To Your Eyelids: Any time you apply mascara to your lashes, there's a good chance it might smear all over your upper and lower lids. So, a good way to avoid this problem is to look down when you're applying mascara to your upper lashes and hold the wand horizontally. And then for your lower lashes, hold the wand vertically and slowly paint the lashes with the tip of the brush.

#8. Keep Your Cheeks From Looking Scary: Blush can look clown-like, especially if you're applying a powder blush onto dewy skin. That's why it's best to use a cream blush if your skin finish is dewy and a powder blush if your finish is more matte. Just remember to blend so your flush looks natural.

#9. Stop Your Mascara From Flaking: There are a few ways to keep your mascara from flaking onto your face: Firstly, make sure you get a formula that has hydrating ingredients in it, which will leave your lashes malleable throughout the day. Secondly, change your mascara every three months.

#10. Make Your Makeup Brushes Last Longer: If you are constantly buying makeup brushes, then it could just be that you need to clean them more often than you used to- that's if you ever did. Makeup brushes should be washed at least twice a month, or you'll get a build-up of products in them and that can easily damage the bristles. More importantly, bacteria can breed in unwashed makeup brushes.

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