10 Blue And White Work Outfits To Copy

Dressing up for work can sometimes be a bore, especially when you work somewhere where the dress code is strict and corporate. Mixing things up is fun and creative and the combination of blue and white is no exemption. Wearing simple items like a white tee with more sophisticated ones like a nice blue jacket, tailored pants, and a beautiful handbag can change your whole outfit.

These classic colors (blue and white) complement each other in an amazing way and are totally appropriate for a formal or creative work environment. There are basically no rules when trying to combine them, so your sense of style should play a major role in your looking great to work.

Be inspired by these blue and white work outfit ideas you can copy to the office.

Do you love Blue and White combinations; And how would you prefer to wear your classic combos to work? Share your thoughts in the comment section below...

Have a slayful week! xoxo

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