10 Ways To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Dressing up as a man is no easy business. That's why many gents tend to give up their style game so easily.
Therefore to make the wardrobe items you already own worth awhile, here's an easy guide on how to make your clothings last longer.

Get A Shoe Tree: They add years to your footwear so it's essential that you get one. Stick them in your slippers, sandals, sneaks and lodge in your favourite leather footwear. Shoe trees will retain the shape of your brogues, Derbies and Oxfords, wicking away moisture from wear and stopping creasing in its tracks.

Avoid Washing Too Often: Washing too often can reduce the lifespan of your clothing so avoid washing too frequently. Save your wardrobe – with a huge dose of common sense when choosing what to wash: if it looks and smells clean, it’s probably clean. Except for your everyday tee, underwear and gym attire that should be washed immediately after use, your jeans, suits and your dinner shirt can be postponed till it obviously needs washing.

Know When To Fold And When To Hang: Your wardrobes longevity is determined by the right storage strategy. Ignore this and certain items will instantly give away for easy wear. Your suits and shirts should be hung on wood hangers which will help maintain it's shape. While your knitwears should be folded neatly in your wardrobe.

Empty Your Pockets: Tissues, dirty handkerchiefs and other paraphernalia can bring damage on your clothing if not emptied before washing. So, before taking your clothes for a spin, be sure to check your pockets.

Always Separate Colors: Want to keep your whites as they were intended? Wash dark colours (black, navy, forest green etc.), light colours (pale yellow, pink, baby blue, heather grey etc.) and whites in three separate cycles. Tedious, yes, but the only way to avoid a pale disposition is to wash your clothing item separately.

Steaming Is A Safer Choice: Ironing a particular item frequently can cause the fabric to thin out - the heat and pressure of ironing will gradually take its toll over time, making the fabrics thin. Be kinder to your clothes – and keep them wrinkle-free – by investing in a steamer. It's a more gentler option to ironing.

Hang Them Out: Unless the shirt you’ve just washed is the only one you own, there really is no good reason for drying your clothes in a machine. Hang your clothes and leave to dry naturally. Try hanging your whites and lighter colours on a line outside, but remember to always dry darker clothes indoors to avoid them fading fast.

Turn Inside Out: Turning your clothes inside out when washing is a simple way of preserving the life of your wardrobe. Your jeans, jumpers and shirts, and tees should be turned inside out to avoid easy wear and pilling from the outer part.

Protect Your Accessories: The best way to prevent your jewellery’s light going out is by giving it a regular clean. Simply wipe each piece with a soft cloth after wear to offset the build-up of skin oils, lotions and other grime.

Maintainance: Lastly, Polish your shoes and leather bags frequently with shoe sprays and shine. And remember to dry them out immediately after wear to avoid peeling and tear. That also goes with your clothes, shoes always dry them out after use and interchange your outfit except that's the only pair you have.

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