Habits Of A Successful Career Person

Have you ever imagined what the most successful people out there know that everyone else doesn’t?

They get promotions, raises, and opportunities are handed to them on a clean platter but you work your ass-off and don't get much credits! The truth is that these people have a reliable work ethic that make success easily attained.

A work ethic is a set of values based on the ideals of hard work and discipline.

Building a reliable work ethic means training yourself to follow constructive habits so that work becomes automatic instead of a struggle. And the good news is that, every one of these habits are something you can start doing—today. They include:

Persistence: The first habit to build a reliable work ethic is persistence. If you quickly burn out after only a short period of work or you can’t stay focused on a task for long, you lack persistence. Building persistence involves slowly training yourself to work harder for longer periods of time.

When you feel like quitting, go an extra 20%. If you’ve been working intensely for three hours but are feeling the desire to stop, try another forty minutes before taking a break. But make sure to always balance it with periods of rest.

Focus and dedication: Being successful at work is all about the discipline of investing now – putting in the effort, sacrificing, being focused, doing more than the minimum, rather than waiting for the world to change.

To build a focused work ethic, give yourself 60-90 minutes to work on a particular task and practice the habit of turning off all outside noise; Phones, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and visitors should be shut out while trying to focus.

Neatly groomed and appropriately dressed: You’ve heard it a thousand times—but it consistently holds true. A successful professional puts the job ahead of personal norms and desires.

They always conform to the specified work ethics and that means having good manners, dressing in a neat and orderly way, presents oneself in a proper and poised way at the office, and interact with others politely.

Positive Attitude: A positive attitude at work is infectious, so the more you call it out to others, the easier it will be for you to radiate it throughout your culture.

No Room For Procrastination: Don’t let yourself procrastinate when you still have an unfinished to-do list. Time for leisure is fine, but if you are trying to work make sure the only thing you are doing is work.

For the next thirty days define periods of your day you want to devote to work or personal projects. Whenever you feel the urge to procrastinate, get up and "Do it now"!

Confidence: People who get ahead don’t wait for permission or an invitation to speak—they make sure everyone in the room knows they have something to contribute.

It can be sometimes difficult especially if you’re in a large meeting, intimidated by the bosses, or don’t know much about what’s going on. But always be confident, even if you don’t have a suggestion, speaking up to advocate for a co-worker’s point of view or asking a well thought-out question can go just as far.

Body Languages: Because 93% of what we say has nothing to do with our words. To look like a leader when you speak, stand up to speak if possible, with feet comfortably apart, shoulders back, and chin up and if you decide to sit down, sit up straight with your arms out.

A poised movement is a demonstration of power and your body language adds credibility to your message.

Commit to Learning: The most successful people are always asking questions, attending conferences and courses, and always working to improve upon their skill and learn something new.

Maximize Every Opportunity: Whether it’s offering to lead a project team, volunteering to mentor/train a junior employee or new interns, people who want to be at th fore-front don’t wait for leadership opportunities to come to them—they look around, see where a leader is needed, and jump in.

Constantly Meditate On Your Career: Successful people don’t let a couple of years go by without really thinking about moving up—where their career is headed is regularly on their mind.

Every year or two, spend some time really thinking about your career. Go out and search for new opportunities, and what to add or deduce to improve your career.
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