How To's: Suspenders For Women

Suspender is another part of the male wardrobe that women have won for themselves in the early 20th century. Today suspenders are an extremely fashionable attribute of the female wardrobe.

They perfectly fit into the wardrobe of modern fashionistas and is a wardrobe item that emphasizes independent and elegant style. Suspenders look great on the female figure, making it more sexy and slim and can be beneficial to brighten any ensemble.

Tips On How To Wear Your Your Suspenders:

▶ The first thing to consider when buying a suspender is the sizing. Skinny suspenders tend to be more flattering on women especially when you want to make a stylish impression. While wide suspenders are more comfortable depending on how they are worn.

▶ It can sometimes be difficult to choose the right color for your suspenders. With so many different colors and patterns. I'll recommend you think about the outfit that you’ll be wearing the suspenders with, and make your choice accordingly. If your outfit is busy or colorful, then your suspenders should be in a neutral tone and vis-versa. 

▶ There are three distinct styles that suspenders can help achieve;
⚫The first is a masculine, tailored look with dress pants like the image above. This is probably the most obvious way to wear your suspenders.
⚫The second is a more casual look that is often created by pairing suspenders with denim or shorts.
⚫The third one is the vintage look which is a mix of modern and oldies.

▶ Denim suspenders with denim skinnies? Yes, please! Skinny jeans are such a timeless item - they look great with pretty much anything and everything especially when paired with denim suspenders. It's perfect!

▶ Try your suspenders with a skirt, whether mini (pencil/skater) or maxi, it never disappoints. This is the perfect way to give a basic skirt-and-top combo a nice vintage flair. Just don't let your outfit get too busy.

Be inspired by some outfit ideas with suspenders below:

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