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As we all know it's the beginning of another quarter and we are currently in the thick of Spring, so it's likely most of us will want to update our wardrobe to suit the current fluctuating weather. It has been proven that shopping is an habit no one can get weary of - I for one love shopping a lot- I actually was a shopaholic several years ago before I finally had to pull myself out of the compulsive habit.

I knew that I had to develop a healthier relationship to shopping so it won't affect my career and over the course of a year, I did just that. My experience and practice with clients has therefore given me a better knowledge on how to shop properly and that's why I decided to share my shopping guide with you.

Therefore, to lessen the number of terror-filled days you spend at the mall and stores this season, I've compiled a couple of tips to live by. I hope they help you shop smart and if you still have unanswered questions, speak up in the comments—I'll be sure to get right back!

Shop with a list: This is my number one tip because it's the most helpful to me in my shopping experience for clients and for myself. Many people overspend or buy things they don’t need and never end up using because they haven’t prepared properly. So, before you set off on your shopping trip, review what you already have – in your wardrobe then write a list of what you need using a scale of preference. Make sure they are genuine needs – not trendy or frivolous wants. And finally, remember to use that list when you shop!

Picture It: When you're deciding whether to buy something, you should always try to picture it in your wardrobe - Consider the color of the item you need, if you love it and if it suits the current season and of course! your personality. You should also be able to think of at least two to three items you can pair it with in order to make it worth your purchase. This will encourage you to shop outside of your comfort zone , and chances are, you'll start finding more things that will go with that new piece. Styles evolve—don't hold yourself back by choosing the same things over and over again.

Set A Budget: This is very important because many people overspend on things they don’t want, need or use because they had no parameters around their spending. Shopping without a budget figure is not a smart way to shop! You need to set a budget and stick to it when shopping for items and stop shopping once you hit that limit.

Shop Everywhere: The key to a balanced wardrobe (and budget) is to have a mix of high and low designers and brands. For timeless or classic items - like your designer Tshirts, assymetric dresses, wristwatches, bags, stilettoes or oxfords, you can visit your favorite designer boutiques but for everyday items like your jeans, tank tops, leggings, etc, you can visit your local thrift store to shop for them.

Compare Prices: If you have anything you really like, its best to check and review the price of different brands of the product in various shopping outlets or sites. Usually the difference might just be little, but you’re still saving yourself some cash.

Shop Alone: Over the years, I've found out that shopping partners can gear them one to making purchases that we don’t want or need, and can sometimes have their own selfish motives for encouraging us to shop. Whatever is going on for the other person, what they don’t have to live with is the consequences of your shopping – only you have to live with that . If you want to go window shopping round the mall, you can do that with friend's but for more personal shopping, it's best to go alone in other to make the best decisions.

Shop At The Right Time: Shopping can be stressful if you don’t shop at a time that works well for you. Shopping at evening time, or when the malls and stores are busy can lead to shopping fatigue and you'll become unmotivated thereby picking less quality or non-useful items. Remember that our physical environment affects us and congested shopping centres rarely bring out the best in anybody. So, pick a time to shop when you are going to be at your most alert and positive state. And make sure that you take regular breaks and drink water at intervals.

Try It On: You really don't know how something is going to look on you until you try it on - regardless of your size and shape. Sometimes a piece is stunning on the hanger but just doesn't look right on your frame and sometimes it's the other way around. It's also important to try on a variety of silhouette and design of the item you want to purchase so you have an idea of which styles tend to work best for your body. This'll help when you're shopping online, too.
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