Meet theStylist BBMC Weekly Outfit Review Winners

For this week’s Style crush, we are proud to feature the winners of our BBMC weekly outfit review:

▶ Winnie O. Morganson a legal Practitioner from Rivers State Nigeria. She's married to the best man on earth Morganson Morgan and blessed with two handsome boys.
▶ Timi Fiekumo Buseri from Bayelsa state.

▶ Adaeze

We had a chance to interview Winnie Morganson and Timi Buseri and asked them few questions about their personal style, their style preferences and any style advice they can give to our readers. Here is what they had to say;

theStylist: Congratulations on winning the weekly outfit review for March 2016?

Both: Thanks admin!

theStylist: Here at theStyistng, it's all about style! So if you could describe your personal style in one sentence, what would it be? 

Winnie: I'm someone who is not too expensive but love to look gorgeous and sweet at all times. I married a fashion conscious man who does my shopping at all times. My king is my personal designer.

Timi: Let me start by saying that, for a long time, women have been in the front line in controlling the world of fashion. However, men too are becoming involved in following the latest fashion trends. I am one of such men. Okays lemme put the sentence through this way "style to me is a channel through which I give voice to my identity" So to do that, I care a whole lot about what I wear, how I wear it and also care about how others perceive me.

theStylist: Do you have any style icon(s) or inspiration? If yes! Who are they and why?

Winnie: My style icons are Mercy Igbe Gentry,Genevieve Nnaji and Rita Dominic. They are very simple but slay any day anytime.

Timi: Trust me, there are loads of style icons out there and yes! have one way or the other inspired me. Even though I may not be able to mention all their names I certainly want to mention Timi Dakolo. And that is for his corporate appearance and style. Also my friends around here have inspired me, the likes of Alari, Christian, and a whole lot. 

theStylist: What are some of your favorite brands? For our readers who like your style, do you have any mainstream, affordable brands you can recommend?

Winnie: St Genevieve on jumia online and chiccouture

Timi: Brands! there are a whole lot of brands out there but I really don't know how to promote brands as I try to make do with what is available taking into consideration the colour rhyme, the trend and the occasion.
About colour rhyme Fashion involves clothing of different colours and patterns, therefore I go for colours that rhyme with my skin and body shape. I love colours, I choose colours that blends actively. Some call it colour blocking, yes! I colour block as long as it comes out trendy.
Trend Truth be told, there is no need to buy expensive clothing that is not trendy. The result of this will be just disappointing even though trends of style may only last for just a while. I go for a style that is trendy something for my age group. As you know, a 20 year old man should not adopt the fashion trend made for a 48 year old man and vice versa.
Occasion Different fashion styles are meant to accommodate different occasion. So I look for a fashion style that meets the specific occasion demand. I know if I have a formal occasion to attend, the dress I choose to wear will certainly not suit a casual environment. Even on this stylist channel, Adaeze sends picture of her outfit to church, Becky a picture of her outfit to a friends wedding and the likes. This means there is a dress that fits for an occasion.

theStylist: Wow! Moving ahead, At theStylistng, we have a list of “Style Essentials” or pieces that every man/woman should have in his/her wardrobe. Do you have a favorite wardrobe essential(s)? What are they?

Winnie: I can't do without my pencil skirts and bodycon gowns.

Timi: Wow! My wardrobe *smiles* I've got a sizeable number of style essentials. Because of my kind of job, I've got more of a corporate wear like suits, ties, corporate shoes, belts, and few casuals. So yes! Suits...

theStylist: What’s your philosophy when it comes to accessories (bag, shoes, jewelries, etc)?

Winnie: My philosophy has to do with affordability,you don't really need expensive stuffs but if you can afford, it go for it. Am crazy about cute bags though, especially Micheal Kors product.

Timi: In trying to eradicate a micro organism from a patient, our choice of antibiotics sometimes is given along side other medication as a form of synergy. Accessories synergize dressing. Its important to dressing as food is to life.
In other words, I wanna say accessories is important to dressing cos it complement ones outfit. Just as how food is to life, that's how accessories are to dressing.

theStylist: *laughs* Lastly, What advice would you give readers who are also trying to develop their style on a budget?

Winnie: Don't go for what you can't afford or what is trending. In your own little way just make sure you look good, you don't really need plenty of thousands to look stunning. Lastly stay glued to theStylist channel, invite friends and family and i bet you will never regret.Love you all *kisses*

Timi: Fashion is really not about how much money you have. It is a way of life. If you see it as a lifestyle you will see that everything you wear will come out clean and classy.

theStylist: Thanks for sharing your style views and advice. Here is a gift animation made for you from "Gbolly designs"

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