Wedding Dazzle #2: Owambe Frenzy

April 01, 2016

It's another Saturday, a time to take out our Asoebi attire for that owambe party we've planned to attend. Preparing for a wedding can be so daunting and confusing atimes, from searching for what to wear, to debating on the accessories to use and a whole lots more...Yes! I know this cos it has happened to me a lot of times. However, regardless of what you choose to wear, always take note of this three tips
⚫Make sure your ensemble fits the occasion you are planning to attend. 
⚫Be sure your choice of accessories goes in-line with your outfit.
⚫Opt for what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Therefore I've compiled some creative Asoebi ideas to inspire you as you prepare for that owanbe outing. Stay inspired!
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