Wedding Dazzle #3: Glam In Blue Asoebi

April 09, 2016

Blue is a popular color and many people have voted it as their favorite, from all across the world because it represents peace, compassion and charm.
So yes! We all know Blue is versatile but have you noticed recently how often Blue is used in weddings? From the bride's maid outfit to the groom's men suit and now surprisingly in our asoebi attire. Blue never seizes to disappoint init *lol* ...

Check out some amazing blue asoebi ideas we've compiled for you below. Be inspired!

▶ Look #1

▶ Look #2

▶ Look #3

▶ Look #4

▶ Look #5

▶ Look #6

▶ Look #7

▶ Look #8

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  1. The decor at this place was amazing with great seats and friendly staff. My fiancé and I just got married here and I could wait no longer to post my heartfelt appreciation to the staff at DC wedding venues for their tremendous effort in making our day the most special day of our lives.


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