10 Best Colors For A Jaw-dropping Monochromatic Look

The term “Monochrome” describes paintings, design, or photographs in one color or different shades of a color. Monochrome is also a term for black and white photography and Fashion has incorporated these meaning.

The one color but different hue Monochrome is strong this season and we’re especially loving the way fashionistas are rocking it wonderfully. If the idea of going top-to-toe in this trend leaves you pining for colour then mix in some bright accessories or makeup to balance things out. But let the monochrome do the majority of the work.

Keep on reading for our 10 best colors to create a perfect monochromatic look.

1. Black

Versatile, sophisticated, and classic, black continues to be the go-to color for women who wear monochromatic ensembles, especially for curvy and petite women, since black is more slimming than light-colored clothing. However, when wearing an all-black look, create fabric contrast on your black outfits.

2. White

Many women find white challenging to wear as it’s a light shade that can expose your every flaw. That may be true, but wearing white in a monochromatic hue helps form a well fitting silhouette that can flatter your shape.

3. Charcoal Gray

Charcoal gray is another color that works well for creating a slimming monochromatic look. However, be careful when wearing gray if you’re pale as it will only make you look sick. Still, there are some shades of gray that can look great for you so feel free to try what works for you. You may opt for a scarf with different gray motifs to help coordinate your look without breaking the monochromatic style. You can also add a color pop of red or fuchsia to your look if the charcoal alone seems too harsh for you.

4. Nude or Brown

Depending on your skin tone, a nude or brown shade can flatter you. In this case, you must pick a nude or brown outfit that contrast with your skin color so people won't think you didn't put on anything. If the shade of nude or brown is too close to your skin tone, better opt for flowy, and voluminous, silhouette over form-fitting ones that look better for you.

5. Fiesta Red

A head-to-toe red outfit looks overkill, so don’t dare to wear them on formal settings like weddings, business meetings, and church meetings. To make your monochromatic outfit more stylish, you may seek for accessories or even ensembles with metallic trims or shiny element and break up the monochromatic scheme with a black touch that will look just fine.

6. Denim Blue

This is the coolest and most trending monochrome look and also the best choice for your casual street style. Create a trendy look by wearing your denim jacket with your denim jeans and a pair of nude pumps to tie the look together.

7. Green

A refreshing color but not-so-stylish color, green can be a difficult color to work with when going for a monochromatic outfit as it gives a playful vibe with quirky nature at the same time. For a safe choice, go for darker hues of green like hunter green, olive green, and forest green that look a bit chic and smart.

8. Rose Quartz

A shade of pink but much more seductive. This hue brings out the romantic and flirty vibe in you. They are also the easiest to pull off in a monochromatic outfit as hot pink and fuchsia can be challenging as they tend to look childish and too girly.

9. Navy Blue

Navy is a dark color that looks almost like black, but does not appear as harsh as black. Navy is a good choice for the workplace too because wearing navy conveys a sense of authority. You may think of a navy dress to wear with your pair of powder blue pumps and a color blocked bag in shades of blue or add a pop of yellow or red to brighten the dull look.

10. Marsala/Burgundy

A lot more classy and matured than bright red, burgundy or marsala, can be used to create a classy and elegant monochromatic look. You may think of a gold belt and statement nude sandals to bring some sophisticated vibe to your monochromatic outfit without breaking your color scheme.

Monochromatic look is indeed a timeless style to make your outfits elegant and sophisticated. So, pick the best color that works for you and make a classic statement whenever you go out with your monochromatic look.

10 Best Colors For A Jaw-dropping Monochromatic Look 10 Best Colors For A Jaw-dropping Monochromatic Look Reviewed by Ibitoye Tolulope on May 25, 2016 Rating: 5

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