5 Statement Earings That Will Glam Up Your Look

Sometimes, no matter how many accessories you have on, you still get the feeling that your look isn’t complete and then you realize what you’re missing: a gorgeous pair of statement earrings.
Though they’re a small part of your outfit, earrings can have a significant impact on your overall look. With the right pair, you can make your outfit look more elegant, chic and stylish.

Here are a list of earings that can add a statement to your overall look... Read on below:

1. Tear drop earrings - These earrings make a great addition to any look because of their interesting shape. They are often made of either pearls or gems so are great to add a touch to your red carpet or fancy looks.

2. Ear cuff – These are perfect if you want to add a nice, and edgy touch to your look. The amazing thing about Cuff earrings is that it can go from street looks to your more dressier events. You can just get the cheaper ones for your everyday looks while the fancier ones for your ceremonious events.

3. Loop earrings – Another really fun way to add more edge to your look is to wear loop earrings. Loop earings adds a chic and kickass touch to your outfit and are super great on real bouncy and boyish hair-do.

4. Bar earrings – Simple yet sophisticated style is what's in trend now and that’s what you can exactly achieve with a pair of statement bar earrings. These earrings are great if you simply want something to stand out from your whole look without necessarily drawing in lots of attention towards yourself.

5. Double ended earrings – These earrings gained lots of popularity last year and are slowly creeping back in our 70's vintage trend. Though very modern, they are also very classy. They’re the kind of statement piece you’ll want to wear to a rather formal event. They’re not obnoxiously loud or big but are stunning enough to add that fab touch to your outfit.

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