Agbada For The Modern Man: Tips On How To Rock It

In years past, Agbada was mostly worn by "big men". You see men arriving the venue, flinging the traditional peice over their shoulders and walking majestically to impress the crowd with the way they swing and spray their money.

This days, our young men have embraced the wearing of agbada to weddings.  Agbada which was reserved for older men is now a trend amongst the youth. No more suits to look dapper at weddings, but Agbada sewn in different fabrics and styles.

Check out some important tips you need to know if you intend on rocking the Agbada attire:

Agbada Style Tips For Men

1. Material Matters: It is important to choose and select a material that suit the color of your skin and most importantly your personality.

2. Material Thickness and Fittings: Do you prefer your Agbada to stand for a long time? Do you want it to retain starch ? Then go with thicker materials. Also note that an improperly starched Agbada would make you look as though you look sick trying to fit in a big outfit. Ensure your Agbada is starched enough and the tail of your Agbada should not join you until two minutes after you’ve walked into a room.

3. Head Gear: Make sure your your cap doesn’t conflict with the color of your Agbada so you don’t look like a masquerade.

4. Accessories: The accessories is important as they improve your outlook. You can add wristwatch , cuff links , rings and even nice necklaces or chains as you wish.

5. Trouser Length: Do you know that the trouser is called SOKOTO. So please , guys ensure the lenght of your sokoto is appropriate. Whether fitted or regular, make sure it's long enough to be seen and not cover your shoes.

6. Packaging & Protection: Lastly, It is advisable to dry out your Agbada as soon as you pull it off. Leave it well folded in your closet till you want to wear it again.
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