Easy DIY Ideas For Your Shoes

You don’t have to use up all your life’s savings in order to get designer-style shoes. With these shoes DIY ideas, you can create unique and stylish looks – without breaking the bank.
Ombre Shoes

You can recreate expensive Jimmy Choo ombre shoes with this DIY tip.


  • Spray Paint
  • Lining/newspaper


  1. Place your shoes in an open-air location.
  2. Fill the insoles with the lining/newspaper.
  3. Stand a foot away from the shoes and spray the ends with spray paint.
  4. Let it dry and enjoy wearing your Jimmy Choo-like shoes!

Glittery Heels

Look like a super stylish party girl with this DIY tutorial for glittery heels.


  • Fabric/paper glue
  • Tape
  • Glitters (one or several colors)


  1. Place newspaper/container underneath the shoes you wish to refurbish.
  2. Apply glue on the heels. Cover the other areas with tape. Overlap each piece of tape.
  3. Carefully apply glitter (one or several colors) on the heels. Gently shake the shoes to equally distribute the glitters and to remove any irregular clumps.
  4. Let the glue dry well before wearing. Enjoy!

Houndstooth Heels

Tired of the usual black heels? You can revamp your shoes with this DIY project.


  • Houndstooth fabric
  • Scissors
  • Fabric/paper glue


  1. Cut houndstooth fabric to cover the heels. Apply paste on the heels and cover with the cut fabric.
  2. Place fabric over the shoes. Cut in the middle for the foot opening.
  3. Apply paste on the edges of the shoes. Smoothen the ends.
  4. Apply a thin fabric on the border of the shoes and the heels.
  5. Paste embellishments on the shoes for additional design.

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