Folake Huntoon: V-Shaped Neckline Styling Tricks

A V-shaped neckline is very popular in today’s fashion and usually looks good on most women’s body shapes. Women who are tall or skinny benefit from a v-neck as it balances figures. And it can also minimize the upper body of broad-shouldered women. Looking for some styling ideas for this type of neckline? Let’s have a sneak peek at a personal style blogger's v-neck styles.

Folake Kuye Huntoon popularly known as @stylepantry is fashion designer and personal style blogger known for her boho, daring, colorful and edgy styles. Folake's popularity came into full circle when she started her blog "Style pantry " in 2009. Style pantry is all about her outfits, lifestyle, and things that inspire her. Since Folake has got an ideal body shape, she dresses in a way that flatters her including v-shaped necklines in her daily outfit.

As the neckline’s name indicates, the distinguishing feature of this style is the low cut in “V” form. The natural shape of the v-neckline outfit does a great job of framing your face and creating a leaner figure illusion. It also draws the eye vertically, so the result is a more slimming style than any other necklines. A V-neck ensemble shows off a little bit of your chest which is extremely elegant and sensual since the skin and clavicles look more refined. V-necklines also broaden the shoulders visually and balance the wide hips since it emphasizes a slim waist.

The V-neck is particularly good because it allows you to accessorize without feeling like you have too much weight around your neck. The right accessory can always boost an outfit, but the V-neck style outfits can flaunt itself. Remember, a necklace is going to draw the eye to the plunge even more, while a choker could cut you off in an undesirable spot, making you lose the slimming effect of the plunge. Choose necklace with contrasting shape and ensure that it sits slightly above, or far below the V outline.

If you have been very demure until now and want to look a little more daring, this is the style to start to experiment with showing a little more cleavage. Of all styles, the most flattering and adaptable is the V-neckline for curvy and big busts women. But if you’d like to put them on a show, avoid tops that dip too low and reveal more than a hint cleavage. Too much cleavage tends to cheapen your look. Instead, find form-fitting tops that will create a beautiful silhouette and will show off your shape than your cleavage. You can also often adjust the length of the V form by undoing, or doing up buttons if the outfit permits.

If you’re still feeling conservative and modest, you can opt for V-necklines without showing much skin. Wear a shallow V-neckline or blazers in neutral colors especially a nude tone. Nude colored layer gives a trick of a bare skin without showing some and adds an extra coverage without hindering your confidence. As an alternative, you may pick other neutral colors or vivid ones as long as the V-neck outlines of your outerwear is highly visible through color or texture. Color paneled dresses in V-necks are great options too. Or, you could wear a jacket over wrap dresses that still create a V-neck shape.

Pick the best outfit style that flatters your figure at is best for you and you’ll surely turn heads.
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