Which Collar Is Best For Your Style?

Tie-collar have been present in womenswear since the end of the 19th century and has been a constant staple in women's wardrobe ever since. This "social butterflies" like I love to call it helps in achieving that boyish guise and has the ability to add true individualism to any outfit.

While dressing, your body type, personalty, style preference and of course the detail of your outfit should be considered which means your choice of collar might differ. For me, I particularly love the Bow or Tie-neck collars because they have a romantic fit with a drape-y element. If you like to capture that romantic look while maintaining a flirty element, opt for a tie-neck or bow collar.

I wore my pussy bow blouse with a simple black pencil skirt to add some classic and romantic vibe to my look and yes! This look is perfect for a creative work environ. Indeed, collars can make a great impact into your style so choose them wisely and stylishly.

Blouse: Marshmallow crown
Skirt: Thrift
Strappy Sandals: Atmosphere 

Which collar is best for your style?
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