Best Grooming Tips For Men To Up Their Style Game

Today we will be covering Best Grooming Tips for Men to Up their Game. It is true that you need to invest in your appearance, especially if you are working directly with clients, and business partners or going on a date with that long time crush. No matter how old you are, you certainly need to dress maturely. Men usually confuse youthful and trendy clothes with a teenage style, and think that wearing “mature” suits means wearing old-fashioned ones. I've compiled just the basic cos I know they will add value to your overall appearance and enhance what you already have got going. Some of you might know this simple rules and want to add more so your comments and ideas are important...Stay inspired

1. Own At Least One V Neck T-shirt In Your Collection.

They are cool and casual. Please get the fitting right, not too tight and too lose to make it look like something borrowed. It is extremely comfortable and when picked right, super versatile. But please don’t pick a tee with a deep plunge, leave that style for the ladies.

2. Neutral Colors And Patterns Are Classic And Safe.

As much as it's safe to own neutral pieces, take a little risk. Experiment with colors and patterns, be it in your socks, ties, pocket squares, bow ties and so on. Try out some unusual cufflinks or lapel pins. Everything fun comes with a little risk.

3. Layering Is Both Functional And Stylish.

Some men are afraid of mixing different pieces, because they don’t know how to match them. Even if you think you will make a mistake, start with wearing simple sweater with a white shirt underneath. It’s a basic trick to make your outfit more interesting. As the less is more, don’t try to combine completely different pieces. If you still think that layering is ridiculous, let’s consider some practical sides. The main purpose of layering is heat retention. If it gets warm, you can take off one layer and still look sharp and smart. Moreover, when matching different clothes, make sure that it is comfortable and it allows you to move freely. So learn how to successfully combine clothing, and still manage to preserve your unique style.

4. Coodinate Your Colors And Patterns.

Yes experimenting is fun but don’t do it all at once. Save something for the next time. If you have something in your ensemble that is risqué or stands out, don’t have something else completely opposite. If you want to add more color or pattern or even texture, choose the second piece keeping in mind the first one. Coordinate well to look sleek and stylish. Overdoing something will kill your entire look.

5. Accessories Reflect Your Personality.

Many men don’t feel like business suits allow them to showcase their personality. If you are one of them, then know that you just haven’t found the right fit and style. However, if you are still waiting to come across the chosen one, I advise you to start with accessories. You don’t need to spend a fortune to look sharp, but the one thing that will require money is a perfect watch. It’s not as superficial as you might think – the purpose isn’t showing off your expensive watch in order to be seen as a successful man. These little things allow us to express ourselves and show our true nature. There are tons of different watches, and whether you are sci-fi addict or a vintage gentleman style lover, I am sure you will find the right one.

6. Plan In Advance To Avoid Style Fails.

If you don’t have a planned outfit, there is nothing that can make you look sharp instantly. You don’t need to have an expensive suit, but you need to plan some outfits in advance, because it might happen that you get up for work and realize that nothing in your wardrobe matches, and you don’t have enough time to wash a shirt that would be perfect. Because of that, you need to plan some of your outfits in advance. During the weekend, you can put each outfit on a hanger or just go through clothes and plan for the next two days. This will also help you to get ready quickly and not waste your time. Also, when buying clothes, try to choose ones which match the ones you already have. That way, you’ll always have a bunch of items in your wardrobe that match.

7. Sunglasses And Frames Should Always Be According To The Shape Of Your Face.

Don’t follow the latest trend blindly. There are something’s that look good only on a particular face shape. So instead of aping, pick something specifically made for you. Something that enhances your face and features and highlights your positives in an advantageous manner.

8. Take Care Of Yourself – style your beard and mustache.

If you have a beard or a mustache, you need to take care of them. It isn’t sexy and masculine to look like a complete mess. Men usually turn to growing a beard in order to avoid shaving every day. However, just having one won’t make you look sharp and smart – you need to learn how to maintain both your mustache and your beard. Simple trimming can make you look elegant and sophisticated. Therefore, you don’t need a fortune to make yourself look professional and stylish – all you need is a bit of grooming.
The same goes for hair. When considering a new haircut, make sure it reflects who you are. You want to look good when you look at yourself in the mirror. If you don’t have time for styling your hair in the morning, aim for messy boyish haircuts. Personal hygiene is also of great importance. You’d be surprised how good antiperspirant and white teeth can boost your confidence and overall mood, which will make you look comfortable in your clothes.

9. A Nice Bag And Wallet Will Make You Instantly Stylish.

You might think that carrying a bag is just too much trouble, but it is really practical. Once you start carrying one, you won’t be able to leave it at home. There are many designs and types of bags – all you need to do is find the perfect one for you. From a vintage briefcase to a trendy messenger bag, you’ll make your life easier and definitely upgrade your style. Choose the bag based both on what you need to store, but also your personal taste. A good bag will enable you to carry a laptop, iPad, personal items and even an extra shirt. Pay attention to its functionality and choose the right one according to your needs.

10. Good Posture Adds To The Overall Appearance.

You can wear a well-tailored suit and expensive shoes, but if you have bad posture you won’t look good. Practice standing properly in order to maintain the health of your body. When at the office, find a comfortable chair and use a foot rest in order to support your back. Good posture will make the clothes fit better, and will certainly boost your confidence. You cannot expect clothes to shape you and define you. Elegance comes from within, and the way you carry yourself is what matters. Keep your head high, back straight and chest out – you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.
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  1. These are very interesting tips, i'm more of a safe guy, i love safe neutral colours, black and white and a few dull colours work for me and layering from time to time. Tip 2 and 3 speak more to me.

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