Four Foolproof Ways to Layer Your Outfits Perfectly

Rainy seasons can be the greatest time of the year to get imaginative with outfits. One top can create several different looks if layered the correct way.

The layered look is majorly in trend this season, and it doesn’t have to be tricky or expensive to pull off. You can easily use pieces from your wardrobe like keeping your favorite skirt from summer and combining them with tanks and leather jacket. Using different fabrics and textures is definitely encouraged, you can layer denim, knit or leather together, and it still looks amazing.

Having put-together outfits can bring a great impression on you while making your outfits look more expensive. Whether you choose to go bohemian, edgy, or minimal, looking polish and sleek is essential. Though there’s no magical recipe for layering outfits perfectly, here are four foolproof ways that can guide you while layering your ensemble.

1. Define your figure.

Always remember that it’s nearly impossible to layer outfits that don’t fit you properly. So, know you body type and dress according to your figure. If you’re a pear-shaped woman, you may opt for a fit-and-flare dress that balances out your bottom half and layer it with a body-fitting blazers Or, think of a belt that can define your waist instantly. Just go for a slim belt if you have a slender frame and a wide belt if you’re curvy to keep everything in proportion. If you got that straight body type without prominent curves like mine, make use of ruffles, flares, and embellishments to add some volume to your figure.

2. Choose your fabrics wisely.

Mix non-basic fabrics like chiffon, linen, and lace for an intriguing look, especially if you’re going for a monochromatic outfit. Like here, I traded my denim jean with an Ankara printed skirt that will still look great when worn with a leather jacket. To keep you breezy and chic this season, opt for breathable fabrics just like a lace top and free-flowing skirt but layer it with a thick jacket or sweater that will make you beat the cold with style.

3. Pick flattering colors for you.

You may have a few favorite colors you love to wear, but think how they can flatter your skin complexion and personality at the same time. Women with pale complexion like mine look more flattering in light colors and pastels over black and gray. On the other hand, a woman with darker complexion looks more flattering in some shades of nude and brown.

4. Remember to add a third piece.

Always have some chic layer or accessories on standby so you may opt for a third piece when assembling your outfit especially in this rainy season. When going for a statement necklace, let your jewelry steal the spotlight and avoid over-accessorizing. If you have a minimalist style, a pair of chic sunglasses and a nice belt may be enough for you. If you’re a woman with a trendy fashion personality, ring stacking, necklace layering, and arm party may sound appealing to you, but be careful overdoing the look.

By heeding my simple foolproof tricks, you’ll be able to layer your outfit together effortlessly and stylishly.

The following outfits I've selected would give you the much needed inspiration on how to layer your outfits perfectly:










What do you think of the layering technique in general? Hate it or love it? Leave us a comment in the comment section below.
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  1. Really educating and I can Damn the weather and still be assured of looking fabulous without being extra costly.


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