How to add a vintage vibe to your spring look

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We all know that style is something that the fashion world can never let go of. It has always been a good source of inspiration for many fashion lovers including designers with the biggest names. Since spring represents renewal and rebirth, I decided that I was going to incorporate vintage pieces to my look this season, although keeping it minimal with a bit of modern spice.

When trying to incorporate some vintage sense into your outfit, one thing you should always do is to make sure that you create a balanced look that’s neither too vintage nor too contemporary. Let me give you a few ways to inject that vintage vibe to your spring look.

1. Opt for modest vintage cuts and silhouettes – One of the easiest ways to add a touch of vintage to your look is to go for modest vintage cuts and silhouettes. If you’re not planning on going all out with your vintage, this is a really nice and subtle way to do so.

Try muted colors – Spring is usually all about the floral prints, pastel hues, and colorful looks but unless you’re going for a hippy 80’s look, try to avoid ultra bright colors and go for muted colors instead. This will add that vintage look and feel to your outfit without making your outfit look too busy.

Inject prints and patterns into your look – Another really easy way to give your spring look a vintage twist is to wear patterns. Wearing stylish prints and patterns is a means to make your vintage style this spring more expressive. You can substitute your florals by adding some architectural illusion with abstract prints that will add dimension to your overall appearance. This way you'll be able to channel your personality effortlessly. Think of fruit prints, food prints, animal prints, graphic prints and such that will add flair to your style. If you want or you can do a trendy outfit featuring two different prints for a stylish and chic look.

4. Wear high waisted bottoms – When choosing bottoms to wear with an outfit you want to give a vintage vibe to, opting for high waisted pieces is the best way to go. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing jeans, shorts, or skirts, as long as they’re high waisted they’re sure to give you that vintage vibe you want.

5. Style it like you were born in the 70's – You can inject a hint of vintage to just about anything by simply styling it right. Roll up your sleeves, tuck your top in your pants/skirt, tie a knot on a basic tee – these are just some of the ways to style any outfit with a vintage vibe.

6. Finish up your look with vintage accessories – With vintage fashion making a huge comeback, it shouldn’t be all that hard for you to find vintage accessories. Look for a piece or two that you can add to your look like a choker, retro sunglasses, kitten heels, and the likes. However, remember to keep it clean and simple and go easy with the accessories. Take the minimalist approach whenever possible and never go overboard with anything.

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