How to Fix Your Broken Eyeshadow (DIY)

DIY: How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow

Happy Weekend lovelies

Last week, my most treasured sleek eye shadow broke on me *sigh*.  So I decided to search online for ways to fixing it and after several searches, I bumped into this. I know there are loads of tutorials for repressing eyeshadows but I thought i’d share my find.

To Fix Broken Eyeshadow You will need: –

▶ 99% isopropyl Alcohol in a Dropper
▶ Cotton Buds
▶ Tissue/Fabric
▶ A coin or round object that fit the size of the eyeshadow pan.


1. Mush up the eyeshadow lumps with a cotton bud to a smooth powder.

2. & 3. Add drops of alcohol until it forms a paste.

4. & 5. Place your round object in a tissue/fabric and firmly press onto the eyeshadow for a few seconds.

6. The finished product.

I’m happy with the overall result I got from fixing my eyeshadow and glad I can use this same procedure again.

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Now it's your turn?

Have you broken a makeup item before? How did you fix it or did you just dump it to get another?
Share your thoughts in the comments section below...xoxo
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