How to Tie a Turban: 10 Different Styles

Turbans have crept its way into the scene again and this time, it’s incorporated to suit both native, formal and casual ensembles!

Turbans are head wraps which was formally worn as a form and part of religious observance among different faiths and race but it moved beyond that fence a long time ago and now many part of the world has embraced the beauty of this awesome trend - from velvet turbans to Ankara inspired turbans and many more...

The turban-gear might be a wildly accepted head wear now but you still have to master the wrapping technique so that the head gear would not fall out of place but sit comfortably and securely on your head.

Below is a video of beauty and makeup Vlogger Nadira037. Here she showcased 10 different ways to tie a Turban/Headwrap.

Watch and be inspired:

Any day you are free, try to practice different quirky looks that you can achieve with the turban-wrap and you'll know which one suits you better. Don't forget to share this post and remember your comments and ideas are very helpful.Xo

Source: Nadira037 Tv YouTube Channel

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  1. Thanks, ur video is helpful to me.if I want to get scarfs and how will I order, and the their prices?

    1. I'm grateful the tutorial helped. You can get similar scarfes from


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