The Basics Revamp

Hello everyone! I hope you have had an amazing weekend and well in gear for another great week. Isn’t it amazing how the weekend ends even before it starts. Like seriously! Whoever made the weekly calender should have added one other day to the weekend... Say like Smonday or something loll!

Life is always about creating new things out of the old and of course about "change" and I’m a strong advocate to that. I'm usually not comfortable wearing the same outfit all over again so I love to add a few simple twists to spark my tried-and-true basics like I usually call it. Your basics may be timeless, but with a lack of creativity and stylishness, they easily look plain and boring.

I'm sure you are wondering how this simple dress got revamped right? Ok! Let me give you the gist. At the beginning of the rainy season, I decided to update my wardrobe with a few cold-proof items. So as my normal nature, I did a mix of the two: sophisticated items and the local thrift items.

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While shopping at our local *katangura market* I stumbled on this black dress, it had all the linen torn and was too short for my kind of style. But what caught my attention was the fabric, it was so timeless and elegant that I couldn't resist and just had to get it (of cos it was sold cheap cos the seller wanted to sell it out at any cost). It felt stupid at first but I got it anyway. After a while still without an idea of what to do with the distressed dress, I decided to throw it out, then a thought came to me to revamp and recreate the simple dress. And so this idea was birth!

Basically, if you have anything in your wardrobe you are beginning to find a bit boring, just recreate and it instantly comes alive. I have had this dress for a while now without a thought it could become this fabulous. So never stop reinventing, owning and recreating! Remember that's what makes style have an edge over fashion.

Have a fabulous week and thanks to my darling friend and awesome photographer @shobeesphotography for taking these shots. Love Lucy.X

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