Trend Report: The Best 8 Fashion Trends For Fall (Harmattan)

Preparing your wardrobe for the end of the year harmattan season is both fun and tedious, at least that is if you’re someone who takes fashion and style seriously. This season marks the beginning of celebration - Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving. It's also a season for lots of outfits layering, bright shades and multi-color prints that I'm a big fan of.

The Fall 2016 collections were already out some months ago and we have scoured the many collections for what will be the most popular and trending for this upcoming season. Below are 8 of the top fashion trends for this season that we personally love and most certain you'll like as well.

1. Ruffles


Ruffles has definitely taken the fashion world by storm with new creative structures seen on the runway. You can go completely classic with structured high-fashion ruffles or you can go a bit daring, trying out designers’ clever ways of wearing this wonderful trend.

2. Shades of Tan


Expect to see tons of pants, lace, skirts, and—our favorite—outerwear done up in varying shades of tan, perhaps the chicest, most classic color there is.

3. Top Under Dresses

Grace Alex

I personally love this outfit combo. Not only does it have that old-school, eighties conservative look, but the top (especially turtleneck) and dress outfit combination is a great excuse to wear those spaghetti-strapped slips and shift dresses in colder seasons. Another amazing thing is it's easy to pull off for any body type. So a big "Yay" for transitional outfits!

4. Off-the-Shoulder

Early fall is the time when it’s cold enough to throw some layers on, yet somehow not cold enough to really get covered up all day. To give your early fall look a hint of sexy, show off your shoulders! It’s a very subtle way to show skin during harmattan.

5. Pantsuits

Stella Uzo
This one’s for the working ladies out there. As well as to those who need a trending outfit to wear for a formal meeting this fall. Slim, stylish, and often colorful, the new power suit is just as suitable for a night out as it is for the boardroom. Go for bold pantsuits with a matching blazer and mini skirt or mini skirt suits! Pantsuits will be gone from the trends when denim is. It’s that timeless.

6. Chokers

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a skinny silk scarf or a chunky choker—just make sure something is around your neck this fall to add a little extra oomph to everything from button-down blouses to cocktail dresses.

7. Schoolgirl Jumpers 

Longing for the days when getting dressed meant putting on a simple uniform made up of pinafore and top? Well this season, you are in luck. This awesome vintage trend can either be styled alone or with a sheer top in neutral tones.

8. Dusty Pink & Yellow

This is a color combination that we would expect to see in a spring collection. So this is a great, unexpected surprise! But in order for you to achieve that fall feel in this color combo, you want to do two things: first, keep the colors as muted as possible. I highly suggest going for dusty pink or darker shade of blush and pair it with a dark yellow, something that’s getting closer to orange. Secondly, pick clothings that are for the colder seasons. Think sweaters and jackets and heavy cloths.

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