What To Wear With Short Hair

If you’re a big fan of adding spice and sophistication to your look, then the short hair trend is a way to go.

Looking for ideas on what to wear with your short hair, or how to dress up when you have short hair then check out these awesome tips on how to glam in your short hair using lover of short hair - Keren All of Living My Bliss InStyle as our style muse.

1. Black.

This is one of the hottest things to wear with short hair. Wear black especially LBD's as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if your hair is pixie cut, or whatever bob it is, black pieces will always give your look a classy and comfortable feel.

2. Open Shoulder, Sleeveless and Strapless Pieces.

Wearing sweetheart, tube, or any style of strapless, sleeveless and open shoulder helps flaunt your shot hair, neck, and puts more focus on the face. Choose dresses that are bold, striking, and elegant. Bright, block, neutral, dull and pastel colors- all of them. They can make you look even better with that haircut.

3. Well-defined Collars.

When having short hair, the back of your neck, or the neck itself isn’t much covered. When you want to cover up, collars of all kinds except the really small ones are very flattering for short locks.

4. Bib/Collar or Statement Necklaces.

Nothing can be more stylish than statement collar necklaces. They can be worn over and over on any outfit, may it be your sleeveless or strapless top.

5. Layered Outfits.

Women with short hair should wear layered outfits much more than single pieces. Pair your loosed blouse or tanks with a jacket or blazers, you can even add a scarf or muffler to your outwear to give volume to the outfit, making your hair stand out on top.

6. Open and Cut-out Backs.

Cutaways make short hair look even sexier. Designers usually get creative and experimental with back styles that they come up with unique and sexy cuts for the back of an outfit. Keep your hair shot if you want to wear cutout back cos longer hair tends to hide the beauty of the cutaway back.

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