Jazz Up Your All-black Look With These Accessorizing Tricks

Black is the most elegant shade you may go for whether you’re heading for a party, to work, class or just a streamlined look for your street style.

Black is also friendly when it comes to hiding areas where you have flaws and the amazing trick is that it makes you look slimmer and sexier than you actually are.

Versatile and simple, you can wear your all-black outfits over and over again without being noticed. Keep on scrolling for our 7 picks of accessories that can jazz up your all-black outfits.

1. Statement Necklace

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If you have a trendy and playful personality, go for colorful necklace to add some pop to your black outfits, especially if black is not-so-flattering near your face.

2. Neck Scarf

Wear your brightly colored and loud printed scarves with your all-black outfits to give it a great pop of color if you feel statement necklaces are not for you. You may actually wear it like a shawl, neck tie, or simply tie it on your bag to give your outfits some flash and spark.

3. Hat or Turban

Wearing colored hats can be daunting especially those wide-brimmed and floppy hats that can create a harsh contrast on your face. So, you may resort to a brightly colored turban or wear a classic fedora that can be perfect to spice up your casual street style.

4. Studded or Chain Belts

A colorful belt can add a bright pop to an all-black outfit while also giving a great definition on your waist. However, be careful, if you have a thick middle, or petite shape. Instead of colorful belts, stick to belts with gold studs or chains to make you look a bit glamorous and elegant in your style.

5. Metallic or Bright Shoes

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Black shoes may be versatile and nude shoes are leg lengthening, but a pair of metallic or bright shoes will give you some pop of color that looks trendy and fashion-forward. So, if you wish to jazz up your all-black outfit with trendy footwear, try swapping out your neutral-colored shoes for some colorful ones.

6. Brightly Colored Bag or Metallic Clutch

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Carrying a brightly colored handbag with your colorful outfit will add some trendy vibe to your looks. Think of bright red, cobalt blue, orange, pink, purple, green and such that can add some playful vibe to your outfits. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for an elegant style, stick to metallic shades of silver and gold on your clutches and bags.

7. Combination Of Printed Or Colored Accessories

A combination of brightly colored bag, shoes, scarf, hat, necklace, belt, etc, will bring more life to your all-black outfits.
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