My Style: Chic Ways To Make Denim Dungarees Look Cool And Stylish

I havn't been posting much of my personal style articles lately and I wish to be more regular even with hectic work schedule, but I've deviced a plan to be posting more frequently now on my personal style and a few of my outfit creations as requested by many of my consistent readers.

I'm sure you've gotten the rave of the latest comeback trend? Yes it's the Denim Dungaree baby *lol*

Denim overalls was something I had as a basic wardrobe piece when I was much younger and I loved wearing them but as I grew older, I became shy of donning it as it was less trendy then and was seen on only mechanics and construction workers.

But with it's recent comeback, I practically ran to the market to get like 3 pairs. I'm like that sometimes *shines teeth*

Denim Dungarees are a fun blast from the past. These babies from the 90s are awesome for creating a solid utilitarian look but did you know that you can totally rock these and look cool as well? Of course, to make that possible, you’ll want to veer away from that look you used to sport back in school and do something a little more updated instead.

Here are ways on how to make your denim dungaree look like a coolkid and stylish with my personal style to inspire you

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FIND A GOOD FIT – Denim dungarees are usually worn baggy and loose but if you’re aiming for a sexy cool look, forego the usual and go for something a little more figure hugging instead. This will help show off your natural curves instead of conceal them, giving you that subtly playful look.

ROCK IT LIKE THE 90's – Feel powerful and cool inspired like you’re from the 90s by styling your denim dungaree with a patterned blouse (especially stripes or animal prints).

KEEP IT COOL AND PLAYFUL  – To maintain that cool look, add a playful street feel to your overall by styling it with sneakers. Here I wore my denim dungaree with white sneakers and let the lace off the sneaks to give it that cool and stylish vibe. However, as much as you want to look chic in your overall, it's important to accessorise right when you wear a dungaree and stick with what suits you.

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Don't Forget The Vintage Leather Accessory – Leather never fails to give off that posh, edgy, edgy vibe on any outfit so if you’re looking for a way to look stylish and cool in your denim dungarees, opting for a vintage leather bag in black or brown might just be what you need to get the job done. You can either choose a vintage backbag or a satchel style.


Hope you find my lookbook inspiring? Let me know how you like to style your Dungaree.

Don’t forget to keep it Stylish and Stay Beautiful!

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