The Art Of Mixing Prints

One of the trendy styles you’ll be seeing a lot this season is print mixing although in more subtle hues. Though it used to be a fashion no-no to wear prints with prints, as the fashion rule taught us to always wear a print with a plain one, print mixing is now considered as a fashion-forward skill everyone must know.

The rule to mastering the art of print mixing is in selecting prints and colors that work favorably together alone and also suits your personal style.

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Keep on reading for our easy tips and tricks to mix prints and patterns perfectly:

▶ Both prints must share the same color scheme.

Kefiwe Mabote
To avoid looking cluttered on your looks, your other print should at least consist of one color that ties in with the another print.

▶ Vary the scale of prints:

Kefiwe Mabote 
Vary the scales of your prints and avoid teaming large prints with large patterns or small prints with small patterns.

▶ Wear same prints in different colors.

Try wearing the same prints in different colors for a coordinated yet trendy look.

▶ Create distance between prints.

To play it safe with mixing prints and patterns, consider some distance between the patterned pieces you are sporting. For instance, you can dress in a printed top and maintain the rest of the outfit plain color and finish off your look with printed shoes.

▶ Make a bit of interest with accessories.

Stella Uzo
Accessories are the simplest way of mixing prints. You can opt for printed accessories such as hats, headbands, tights, scarves, belts, and shoes.

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  1. Nice collection, so bright colors, I like it. The red suit seems the most stylish for me. I have something similar to this one. Follow the link to see.


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