The Best of Celebrity 2016 Halloween Costumes

So Halloween season is here!

Halloween is a celebration observed in several countries on the 31st of October which is popularly associated with people dressing up in various costumes especially as celebrities or fairy tale characters.

We've rounded up the best of celebrity 2016 Halloween costumes...

See them below:

Kylie Jenner as Christina Aguilera  

Beyonce and Jay Z showed off their creative side by dressing up as retro Barbie and Ken 
Ellie Goulding made minimal effort for the Jonathan Ross party, arriving in a black outfit with a few drops of blood splashed on her face 
Ex On The Beach star Holly Rickwood stepped out in a very revealing leotard with an unfortunate slogan written on her behind 
It's unlikely that Madonna won too many fans with her outfit, given the recent Killer Clown craze
Justin Timberlake, his wife Jessica Beil and their son Silas also won Halloween in their adorable troll outfits, dressed as Poppy, Branch and Little Branch
Glamorous granny Kris Jenner gave her famous daughters a run for their money in a sexy Alice in Wonderland costume 
Halloween costumes should ideally be quirky or scary but Gigi Hadid somehow managed to turn her Woody from Toy Story look into high fashion 
Lindsay Lohan attends Fran Cutler's Halloween Party at Albert's Club in London dressed as Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn
Serena Williams may also have regretted her choice of a neon sportswear outfit, incorporating an alarmingly high cut leotard

Coco Austin almost spilled out of her lace up body suit as she rocked a daring look for Heidi Klum's annual extravaganza 
Paris Hilton obviously missed the memo that Halloween is supposed to be scary in her raunchy Tinkerbell outfit 
Lewis Hamilton was almost unrecognisable with a bloody slashed grin and greasy green hair as he arrived at Heidi Klum's annual Halloween party dressed as The Joker
Tina Malone also opted for a scary outfit, wearing a meringue style wedding dress to immortalise the Bride of Dracula
Rapper Snoop Dogg stepped out in a bizarre costume which chowed him as an overgrown baby piggy backing on an old woman
Mariah Carey donned a sexy devil outfit while her son Moroccan and ex-husband Nick Cannon were Super Mario Brothers and daughter Monroe was a Princess
Model Chanel Iman struck just the right balance between sexy and creepy in a mummy outfit with contact lenses to make her eyes look white

Made in Chelsea star James Dunmore (right) put in such as good effort it was hard to tell you were looking at the posh reality TV star 
Chloe Ferry suffered squeezed into a Playboy Bunny outfit that barely concealed her curvy derriere
Ariel Winter as Playboy Bunny 
Alec Baldwin, Leonardo, Rafael, Hilaria Baldwin, and Carmen as The Incredibles 
Blue Ivy, Beyonce, and Tina Knowles as Salt, Please, and DJ Spinderella 
Beyonce as Salt-N-Pepa, Jay Z as A Different World's Dwayne Wayne  
Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas as The Wizard of Oz's Dorothy and The Scarecrow 
Orlando Bloom as Bill Clinton, Katy Perry as Hillary Clinton  
Kelly Rowland as Clueless 'Dionne 

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  1. Incredible photos, I like them, especially Beyonce and Jay-Z, they are really good looking in these costumes. Follow the link to see my one.


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