10 Clothing Hacks Every Woman Should Know

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It's been awhile I've posted some of my juicy style hacks right? More reason why I decided to write on a topic that will be of great help to keeping your wardrobe functional and active.

I love clothes and I’ve had pieces that have lasted as long as five years that people still compliment to this day. How? Well I find the best ways to keep it lasting or repurpose it.

So worry no more as these ingenious fashion hacks can restore your outfits to their former glories:

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1. Got annoying white deodorant stains on your top? You don’t have to change your entire wardrobe because of this. You can easily use baby wipes to remove deodorant stains.

2. Got nasty red wine stains on your dress during an evening dinner? Don’t worry as you can remove the stain on your expensive dress with a little-known remedy: white wine. Use it as a stain remover first and you can consume the rest of the bottle!

3. Yellowish pit stains on white shirts are quite common. Instead of throwing your tee away, apply lemon juice to the affected areas before tossing it to the washing machine.

4. Do stained suede clothes bother you? You can clean it with an unpeculiar food item: bread crust. All you have to do is remove the crust from a piece of bread and leave it to become stale. Once stake, rub the crust on the stains and they will immediately disappear!


5. Iron out your wrinkled blouse collar with a hair straightener. It will save you a whole lot of time and energy.

6. You saw a shoe that you like while shopping but noticed it's a bit tight? Don't bother giving it out, you can stretch out tight shoes by putting them on with socks and blow with a hot hairdryer.

7. Wash jeans with vinegar to make them last longer

8. If you love thrift shopping, then you must be familiar with the unpleasant odors that come with some vintage items. Eliminate the foul smell by spritzing the items with a concoction of vodka and water.

9. Is your favorite tee or leggings starting to pill off, use a razor to shave the pills off your clothing

10. Use shaving cream to remove make up stains from collars or other areas on clothing.
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