8 Self-inspired Items To Add To Your Christmas Wishlist

With Christmas and my birthday just around the corner, it gets me thinking, about what I would love to add to my wish list (I like to call it "faith list" most times lol). As a Style enthusiast and adventurous person, there are so many things that I want at the moment and I must tell you, it's been hard compiling them to fit my preference scale.

Now, if you’re a style lover like me, you might be wishing for all things fashion and style-related this Christmas. To help you complete your lineup, check out a few of my self -inspired items that you can add to your Christmas wishlist and won’t intimidate gift-givers.

1. Human Hair Extension – whether it’s the bouncy or straight style, virgin human hair extensions are sure to make every lady happy. They don’t have to be from Asia or some other fancy hair boutique. These can be found in a lot of places where you pay less and still get almost the same quality. I get some of my really good virgin hair from Yaba market and trust me, they still maintain that soft and silky feel even after 5years of use. So you should think of adding one to your Christmas or 2017 wishlist.

Grace Alex
2. Statement Jewelry – you can never have too many of these so if you don’t want to give your gift-giver a hard time, you can hint at them to just get you statement jewelry instead. These are perfect for dressing up plain and simple looks and usually adds a pop to any outfit.

Stella Uzo
3. Eyeshadow Pallets – there is no denying that every lady doesn't crave to get an eyeshadow palette that has just about all the colors you want. And Ahh, the famous Urban Decay Naked pallet is one to literally die for! I know A LOT of people would want this and I’ve known for ages that I would ask for it for my birthday, so I’ve bumped it up to the top end of my wishlist. If you ever loose me at the mall, you’ll find me at the Urban Decay stand staring at this!

Via Pinterest

4. Mini Sling Or Clutch – if you’re the type who doesn’t like carrying around a huge tote all the time, you should definitely include a mini clutch in your Christmas wishlist this year. A good mini clutch should be able to fit your basic essentials like your phone, cash, card and keys.

5. Trendy Heels – how gorgeous is having a pair of trendy heels especially in a style you've dreamt about?! I’ll admit that the one thing I’m a little bit crazy for fashion-wise is shoes. Whenever I go into a shop I’ll instantly wander over to the shoe section so that I can drool over them (not literally but you get my drift) I especially love the square heels and mesh boots that is a huge trend this year, not that I fav trendy items a lot, but these shoes were a no miss.

Style by Alexandriah
6. Girly Gadget Case – protecting your gadgets like your phone and your tablet should always be a priority and while you’re at it, why not do it in style? Today, gadget cases come in all colors, prints, patterns and designs. There are really plain and simple ones with minimal design details and there are those that are super ornate and have personal detailings as well. These can be bought from just about anywhere including your favorite designer brand stores like Michael Kors and Gucci so invest in them and give your gadgets the decoration they deserve.

Via Pinterest
7. Retro Eyewear – isn’t it funny how even the most basic things like shades have become a fashion accessory? Gone are the days when eyewears came only in basic colors and designs. Today, shades are considered additional accessories with lots of them being designed to look more like jewelry than actual shades so get yourself a really glittery and retro-inspired pair this festive period.

@elanulyn via Instagram
8. Stylish Cowboy Hats – they’re not too expensive yet they’re super stylish and super functional, too! Add a cowboy hat to your Christmas wishlist. Even when you get more than one, you just know they’ll be put to good use.

Via Pinterest 

So let me know Styledolls, have you compiled your wishlist? And which items do you feel is important and I didn't add? Share your ideas and let's get inspiration.Xo

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