Men's Guide: 8 Simplified Infograph That Will Transform Your Style

Style is a form of self-expression, but with the endless do's and don't from top trendsetters and fashionistas, it's really difficult to find a style that reflects one's personality and many a times, we resolve to copying other's style that might not suit our image and lifestyle.

That's why I decided to bring you these simplified and strategic guide that will help transform your style, express yourself, and help you live confidently.

1. Dress For The Occasion

Understanding the occasion and dressing for it allows you to show the world the person you most want them to see. Remember how you present yourself in different social situations matters - so whether you choose to look simple or formal, your choice of outfit to a specific occasion determines how you will be addressed.

2. Get The Right Fit For Your Body Type


This is another factor that is very important. Even the sharpest and most dapper outfit in the world will look silly if it’s made for a body type you don’t have.


3. Build A Functional Wardrobe

Source: Lifestyle by PS

Focusing on quality clothing and color combinations instead of quantity, can help create a functional wardrobe without spending too much. The infograph will guide you on how to do that.

4. Make The Most Of Strategic Clothing Combinations

Source: Real Men Real Style 

Understanding clothing combinations helps reduce wardrobe cluttering and also cuts down your spending without sacrificing your style. Employing those combinations in these guide will help you plan your outfit better.

5. Get The Right Shirt With The Right Pants

Source: Visualistan

If all of the planning and combining has you worried and confused, just remember the key rule - "Simplify" Just knowing that solid pants complement patterned shirts and that denim goes with everything will help you get by.

6. Get The Color Right 

Source: Royal Fashionist 

Finishing your outfit comes down to the details. And this involves getting the colors of your combination right: from your tie to your shirt, shoes, belt, pocket square, trousers, etc. We recommend the Royal Fashionist’s wardrobe color guide for beginners.

7. Accessorize Like You Mean It

The right accessories makes or break an outfit and getting your accessories right is a major step to a properly balanced style.

These recommended guides will help you:

▶ 10 Wardrobe Accessories For Every Man

▶ Men's Guide To Matching Necktie To The Right Dress Shirt

▶ Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Formal Event

Here's a guide on how to get the right frames for your faces and live the dream.

Source: Esquire 

8. Smell As Good As You Look

Source: Lifestyle By PS

The confidence a man gets from being the best version of himself in any social situation might start with his clothes, but it doesn’t end there. Looking good is great, but wearing the right fragrance makes you demand attention and respect in every situation.

These guides are memorable and easy to understand. It’s basically The Bible for any man who wants to look good and confident in his own style.

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